Andy’s early take on 2010 Topps (with blaster break and images!)

So I’m seeing the early results of this year’s Topps breaks and, like most people, I have mixed feelings. The last time I bought a pack of Topps, it was like 1996 or 1997 and they had these ridiculous inserts of some guy’s Etch-A-Sketch drawings. That’s when I realized that the insert craze (which had […]

1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 3 box break / Andy’s introduction

As an introduction from the other half of Community Gum (that’s Andy for those keeping score), here’s the very first box break we’ve ever done. Check out all the 31337 MoJo HITZ!!1

Now that the best 8 minutes of your day is done, I’ll explain a bit about myself and what inspired me to […]

Welcome to the Community!

So you may be wondering, “Hey, why the amazingly catchy name?” Well, when you were a kid, did you ever open so many packs of junk wax that you just didn’t know what to do with all that gum? Or, for the contemporary crowd, have you ever opened a box of Topps Heritage and found […]