Car!…..Game On! Game On!

Oh yes, my fake-named internet friends.  It is on.

If you haven’t been following the contest over at JD’s Wild Cardz, you were probably either A) out of town like we were or B) one of the 2 bloggers who didn’t get a team.

We lucked out and snagged a little country named Germany.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Thanks to the power of strudel, we are racking up the silver medals.  USA!  USA!  Wait….I mean, Deutschland! Deutschland!  Hmmm.  Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  9 extra entries sounds pretty nice, though.

The other game that’s on (as of today) is the Topps Million Card Giveaway!  Between me and Andy, we have 14 code cards so far.  We’re going to only enter 1 code per day so as to stretch out the Christmas presents as much as possible.

Today’s code came from this:

Don't let me down, Roy!

and resulted in this:

1988 Fred Lynn - If only it were an earlier year...

Hey!  Look at that.  The first code didn’t result in a total nobody!  We got a (college/Red Sox) Hall of Famer, an AL MVP, ROY, and Gold Glover.  Here’s a free plug for his website –

My first impressions of the promotion over all are very good.  I know a lot of people were having trouble entering codes, but after work, I had no problem getting this one in.  I like the simple interface of the website.  I love the hobby shop support, and hopefully everyone picks a shop even if they do most of their purchasing at Target/Wal-Mart.

The fact that you can potentially pull autographs from these codes is a very nice surprise.  It doesn’t look like they’re doing much with inserts, however, which was one of my secret hopes (even though I’m sure some people weren’t).  I also don’t think they’re doing the more odd-ball sets (for instance the mini and big variations from the 80s).  It would be cool if they hit everything.

Entering the code was really like opening another pack and restraining myself to one code a day will probably be tougher than I think.  I’ll pass the time by seeing what everyone else is unlocking.  This should be fun.

4 comments to Car!…..Game On! Game On!

  • I think this promotion is great. I only had one code, and did well, but it may force my hand into buying a few more packs now and then this month. Besides, I’m chasing the Turkey Reds. One thing is for sure, Topps knows they did a good thing – let’s hope they keep doing things like this.

    • Jon

      Yeah, absolutely. This is the kind of redemption I can get behind. Anything where the card companies can use their cards as a contest or a game or something like that can only be a good thing. Even ToppsTown is good, just not for all ages like this is.

  • jay

    Im tempted to head down to wallyworld tonight and trade my cans for wax.. Pick up a fine topps series one blaster..

    Thanks Jon I will keep you posted..

    • Jon

      If you’re going for the Topps Million codes, I’d suggest going for rack packs. We pulled a code card in about every other of those. But you don’t get any of the exclusive stuff from there. I like the blasters, but you get fewer cards, but the Black Background cards look really good for the most part. It’s one of my favorite parallels. I’d say it’s worth a shot.

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