Million Card Hornswoggle

I had another post planned for tonight, but instead I’m going back to the Topps Million Card well.

For a while now, Andy and I have had two unused codes sitting and waiting for the magic moment where it starts spitting out nothing but good stuff again. I check the site every once in a […]

Cards From the Road

Hey, everybody! I’m still alive.

We’re all moved in, got the truck returned and most of the unpacking is done. The only thing I still haven’t completely done is catch up on all the blog posts since I was away (and after a week of being back). Wow, you people write a lot!

Before I […]

Gentlemen, Start Your “Hawk” Eyes!

The time has come. We’ve teased it for a while now, but our first official contest is underway! Here’s how it works.

If you’ve been following our last couple posts, you know that we won over 700 packs of junk wax in an ebay lot. The packs ranged all sports (and we mean all – […]

Waxin’ All Cool

So here I am digging through eBay when I see one of these auctions by sportscard megaseller Kruk Cards. For those too lazy to click, it’s an auction for 700 packs of junk wax from all sports. And, seeing that Jon and I are children of the junk wax era, Icouldn’t pass up the opportunity […]

It’s Coming…

Jon and I have both been out of town, but we’ve got something big planned… our very first contest!

Stay tuned for more details this week… and be prepared for something DAWSON.

(I hope the replacement of “awesome” with “Dawson” came through there… I feel like it didn’t have the soft-rhyming magic I had […]