NPN Success

Today, upon my return from work, I was greeted with an envelope from the fine people at Panini.

My first instinct was that they had sent me a reward for finding that ultra rare, not supposed to be released Patrick Mills insert card.  But of course that was a reward in and of itself, so that can’t be it.

No, inside was my first ever No Purchase Necessary winnings.  I never had entered any of these types of things before, but ever since I’ve gotten back into collecting, I’ve decided to take advantage of the prospect at getting some “free” cards (after the cost of postage for the entries, of course).  Here’s what I got.

Oooo...shiny free cards with Transformers font!

From the Panini Playoff Contenders 09-10 set we have two inserts.  To your left, is a Draft Class of Al Horford (2007), who has been pretty damn good for the Hawks, but not quite at the potential a number 3 pick should strive to achieve.  To your right is an Award Contenders Tracy McGrady.  I don’t know what player they’ve been watching recently, because I certainly wouldn’t call him a contender.  I believe you have to actually play a few games for that to be the case.

Anyway, the McGrady is serial numbered 074/100!  I would consider this to be a success.  Not nearly as good as a card Andy acquired through NPNs past, but I’ll leave that story for him.

The weird thing about all this is that I’ve been keeping track of which products I’ve entered NPNs on, and this isn’t one of them.  I’ve submitted for the Football version of the product, but not the basketball.  It’s also interesting that I got two cards from the set.  Maybe Panini carries over certain entries, or maybe winning one card doesn’t exclude you from winning again in the same drawing.  I have no idea.  Any inside knowledge would be great.

All I know is that I’ve been entering since February, so it’s nice to see something come in.  How many of you out there try NPNs and what’s the best card you’ve won from one?

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