Royals On-Card Addition: Mike Aviles

Sometimes thigns happen in little lovely Royals bursts. Just the other day, I was showing off my sweet new Carlos Febles auto and now I’ve got a brand new addition to my very irregularly growing Royals on-card auto collection!

2006 Bowman Mike Aviles blue auto /500

Hey! It’s an autograph of a guy I don’t know much about! Let’s go to the leaderboard, Mo!

Holy prospect, Batman! This guy wails! Named Royals Player of the Year in 2008 after he tore it up in limited duty at short. Why did I win this card on accident for $.99 + a ridiculously overpriced $3 in shipping?!

Oh, right. He blew his arm out and had Tommy John surgery, basically killing his 2009. But he’s back on track this year… kind of. A .302/328/.403 slash isn’t super inspiring, even on the Royals. And the dude’s 28. Sadly, it’s that time in my life where baseball players around my age are either major leaguers or failed prospects. As I sit here in my boxers at 2:45AM, I have to force myself not to think where I am on that scale. Le sigh.

But anyway, now I’ve got some vested interest in following his career- I’ve heard his name and seen his cards pop up now and again but now I know the story. And knowing is half the battle. The other half is taking a walk and hitting a double every now and then. You listening, Mike?!

I’m having a blast researching this new collection. If anyone’s got any Royals on-card autos you want to dump, let’s talk!

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