Royals Mailday Roundup

Welp, I’m back from a few random vacations and setting up my fancy new office (aka: giant white industrial box) here in Chicago, so it’s time for a post covering my sparse PC additions during that time. A welcome break from Ginter…mania? Or whatever it is that makes all of us post 30 different Ginter-related posts. Which reminds me, our review will be up shortly and will, as always, be the most comprehensive and informative review of all blog reviews. Or so my mom would likely tell me if she cared enough to read this blog or knew the first thing about baseball cards.

First up, and most importantly, we’ve got a stack of Royals cards sent to me by our new favorite blogger friend Peterson at Sign Here… and Here.

All future stars!

All suture fars!

At least five of the above players played in the majors during their baseball careers. Can you name them?! Also, that Jeff Mongomery card has some awesome in-card acetate holding his head in place. When I first saw it, I assumed I could just flick it around in there, but nope- well-secured! This is an interesting mix of cards- 4 decades are represented. And, hey, if DeJesus gets traded to the Yankees, I can sell that auto and send Peterson a Target gift card to put towards his retail purchases! Those early Greinkes are awesome additions to the collection, even if some o the “prospects” don’t look like they’re panning out. And did you know that Jeff Montgomery is a 300 save pitcher?! Remember when that was a big deal? Anyway, thanks Peterson for the random generosity! Looking forward to more of your posts!

Next up are a few Royals on-card autos for my Royals On-Card Auto Collection (stille quite small).

Taste the Maier semi-rainbow

 I got both those Mitch Maier cards for the same price: $1 plus shipping. The orange one is numbered to something but apparently nobody cares about base Bowman parallels. What happened to the foil premium?! Maier is an outfielder for the Royals who’s getting regular playing time I guess. His current slash of .251/.323/.359 is not great. But look at Ryan Theriot’s.

Taste the Bannister... like John Cusack's first girlfriend did in High Fidelity

Brian Bannister was supposed to be good once I think. But now he’s on pace for his highest WHIP ever (1.53 currently) and an ERA (5.65) that even stat nerds who claim ERA is meaningless would think means he sucks. Oh well. $1 plus shipping once again!

So, for a grand total of about $6 for all the cards on this page, I think I’m doing pretty well. It helps to have friends in the blogmunity send random free stuff, of course. Remember, if you’ve got some Royals on-card autos collecting dust, drop me a line and I’ll take them off your hands!

4 comments to Royals Mailday Roundup

  • I got some Royals for you. Let me round em up and send them on their merry way.

  • A few things stood out to me. The Bowman Heritage Greinke in the first scan is pretty cool. He looks like he is 16. Also in the first scan are Cortes and Musser, who are both with different teams now (if Musser is still playing).

    In the second scan, everyone but Runion has played in the Majors.

    In the third scan, I didn’t even realize the cards were signed until I went back and looked at all the cards. Nice additions. I’ve been mildly pleased with Maier this year.

    The fourth scan is the one that stood out the most to me. I’ve got a ton of Bannister in-person autographs. He is one of the best signers on the team. But the best part about his signature is that he is slow and deliberate about it and it looks the same every single time. This is the first one I have seen that is different. I’m certainly not saying that it isn’t his because the B’s are the same as his. I’m just wondering what made shorten it to BB. Was it the sheer number that he had to sign or the time limit he had to do it in? Or was it because of the small signing area of the A&G cards?

    As for Royals on-card autos, I’ve got a ton. But they are mostly in-person. Check out my blog to see what I mean.

    • Oh man, I’ve never clicked your tags before. That’s an intense number of Royals! I’m mostly sticking with on-card pack-inserted autos right now, but I’ll be looking to add to TTM and in-person ones eventually. Do you ever trade your IP autos?

  • TJ

    I don”t know what it is about the Royals, but I seem to be turning into a fan lately. Weird. I’m happy to see there are people collecting them.

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