Get Your Junk Wax Trade Requests In

I, like many people, will be traveling back home for Thanksgiving.

I, like many people, still have a large stash of cards sitting in my parents’ basement.

I, like many people, see this holiday season as a time for sharing and giving, so I’m giving you an opportunity that will only come along as often as I go back home.

I imagine I’ll have a bit of down time out there, what with it being Rockford and all, so I wanted to take the time to raid my old collection for stuff to trade.  This will be a search of the junk wax variety, since that’s all I’ll have out there.

I’ll be visiting a few blog want lists to see if I can pull some stuff people would want, but I wanted to also give you, the loyal reader a chance to request a search.  If there’s something specific (or broad) you’re looking for, please leave a comment, and I’ll make your trade package top priority.

Here’s what I’ll most likely have to offer:
My first stint of collecting baseball only ran from 1986-1993 ish
I also have tons of basketball cards ranging from 1989-1997 or so
I have unspeakable amounts of non-sports cards available as well

What do I want in return?  Just a Maddux, Marmol, or Dempster card or two I don’t already have.  Or if you have basketball, take a look at the want list page and see if you have any of the insert cards I’m missing.  Nothing major required on your end, because after all, this is junk wax AND the season for giving.  So…who needs what cards?

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