Future Community Break Questions

Many, many people are holding or participating in group breaks right now, and I’m usually too slow on the draw to take part.  I’ve held one group break (dubbed Community Break around these parts, city slicker), and it left me wanting more.

This time around, instead of buying a bunch of stuff and then asking for people’s money in exchange for teams, I want to break open a bunch of stuff that we all decide on.  I’m planning on holding this break sometime in February probably, so everyone will have a chance to replenish their funds and get settled in after the hectic holiday season.

For now, all I’m asking is for your input on a couple things.  From these answers, we can narrow it down further and hopefully come up with a fun break for all.  Oh yeah — this will be all baseball boxes, just in case you were wondering.

Question #1: What year(s) should we focus on – please pick your top 3


Question #2: Which manufacturers are you most interested in?  This includes all-products (i.e. Topps means flagship, Chrome, Finest, Opening Day, Bowman, Stadium Club, etc) and we’ll narrow it down later.  Please pick your top 2.

Upper Deck
Other I may have missed

I figure once we have our years and manufacturers nailed down, we can narrow it down to which sets look to be the most intriguing, and then I’ll do my best to hunt them out for the break.  If there are ties, I’ll break them with my vote.

Even if you’re not sure if you want to or will be able to participate in February, I’d still appreciate a vote, because it doesn’t cost anything, and who knows, if your team doesn’t get picked up in the break I may just trade you for what we got.

Let’s see if we can’t get this thing rolling!

4 comments to Future Community Break Questions

  • I can’t pinpoint it by the year, but in terms of a time frame, I think between 2001-04 would be the most interesting to me.

    My favorites are Topps and Fleer.

  • The year depends on the set for me. I’m interested in Pacific from around the turn of the millenium, Topps (non-base, non-Opening Day) from early 2000s and Fleer from about 1997 onward. There are plenty of cool sets that I know very little (i.e. nothing) that I’d probably be interested in as well.

  • The year’s tough to say. Varies too much from each set, but I would either say ’98-’00 or ’05-’07. As for brands Topps and Fleer would get my vote. If it were pre ’98, then Pinnacle without a doubt.

  • I’m with the others; it depends on the combination.

    2002, 2003, 2004 Fleer
    1998, 1999, 2000 Pacific
    2003, 2004, 2005 Donruss

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