2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Review

Here we are a full month after we busted open our case of 2010 Topps Chrome, and I’m finally getting around to writing our review. Let’s dive in, shiny side first, shall we?

24 packs per box, 4 cards per pack

Main Set I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the quality control on the […]

A Little Something to Strive For

What a difference a week makes.

A few days ago, I wrote about Southern Illinois University’s Hall of Fame players. In it, I mentioned that our most famous basketball player (and arguably most famous athlete) Walt Frazier was missing from my collection. I don’t think that’s entirely true. I think I have a couple Topps […]

Get Your Junk Wax Trade Requests In

I, like many people, will be traveling back home for Thanksgiving.

I, like many people, still have a large stash of cards sitting in my parents’ basement.

I, like many people, see this holiday season as a time for sharing and giving, so I’m giving you an opportunity that will only come along as often […]

Overdue Trade Post – Behind These Hazel Eyes Edition

I think this is the last of the completed trades that resulted from what can only be considered an EPIC 2005 Leaf Baseball box break. 11 comments (I think a blog record, aside from the Dawson watch contest) and something like 5 trades came out of that thing. Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me. […]

Tracking Our ’08 Bowman Prospects – Post 2010 Edition

If you were reading our blog back in May of this year, you saw that we picked up a cheap box of 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball. Since Bowman is all about the prospect cards, you really have no idea how good your box is for months upon years down the line. Instead of forgetting about […]

The Great, Cheap Ebay Lot Pt. 2

Remember way back in July when I posted about this big ol’ ebay lot I bought for about $30 shipped? That thing stayed mostly untouched for a good long while. I finally took the time to go through some of it. Let me tell you that there was a lot to go through. In fact […]

Cards I Didn’t Know I Had

I haven’t had the opportunity to make it back to my hometown for quite some time now. I still don’t know what Thanksgiving will bring, but that will most likely be my first shot at it in three months or so. Not great considering it’s only 90 minutes away or so. My commute to work […]

Southern Illinois University Hall of Fame 2011 Class Announced

Our Alma Mater (is that correct when two people have graduated from a school?) recently announced the new additions to the Southern Illinois University Hall of Fame for 2011, and boy do I feel old already.

Darren Brooks, HOFer

Darren Brooks is the biggest name in this year’s class. He graduated just one semester […]

Posts in Back-to-Back Days? Who Am I, Night Owl?

Wouldn’t you know it, November just rolled around. Luckily the weather in Chicago hasn’t really indicated as such yet. We’re hanging in there and have managed to stave off turning on the heat, although that may not last much longer.

With the new month comes a new hope for consistency. I see that we only […]

Why I Rooted For San Francisco

While perusing the blogs during my limited off-hours, it seemed to me that people rooting for the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series were few and far between. It could be that I didn’t frequent enough blogs from the other side of the spectrum, but that was my impression.

San Francisco has become […]