Andy’s Belated Christmas Card Haul

Unlike Jon, I managed to score one card-related gift this Christmas!

From Jon.

Don’t worry, I got him something too and next time we’re at his place and not bustin’ mad stax o’ wax, we’ll be bustin’ some killer helicopter dunks in NBA Jam for Wii, which I ostensibly got for him but let’s be honest here.

At any rate, Jon’s gift arrived in a beautifully-wrapped bubble mailer and out of that bubble mailer came what may have been the white whale of my young re-foray into collecting:

Less hip than Bo Jackson...

Unbeknown to Jon, this was the card I’ve been dreaming of ever since starting my On-Card Royals Auto Collection a few months ago. I haven’t added to it much lately but seeing this thing in person has me typing some more searches into eBay than in recent weeks let me tell you! Sure, Greinke isn’t a Royal anymore, but he is on this card. You can tell by the totally illegal logo on his cap!

Thanks to Jon for a great gift! Coupled with our super fun (albeit time-consuming) case break of 2010 Magic, I’m feeling pretty rejuvenated in my collecting life. I can’t wait to add more to this collection and start many others in the new year! All I can say is…

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