Last Community Break Update and Contest Reminder

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to chime in and let you all know what’s going on with shipping, etc and what you can expect from me on the blog coming up.

But before I do, I wanted to remind everyone to enter our Panini Absolute Memorabilia Contest.  You could win the entire box of cards, including all four hits and a D-Rose spectrum insert /100.  Get it before the Bulls win the championship so you can say you were collecting him before the rest of the bandwagon.  Find all the details in the post right below this very post I’m typing right now.

Back to the break.  I believe I now have all the addresses I need.  In what little spare time I’ve had this past week, I’ve been packing up cards securely and getting the envelopes addressed.  My goal was to get them out last Saturday before the rates went up, but that didn’t quite work out.  Now…I should be able to hit the post office this weekend and get everything out.

As far as the dual team cards goes, it turns out there wasn’t much to be done.  I only had a handful to begin with.  My policy is to give the cards to the team without a hit, when applicable.  After I looked all of that up, there was only one single card left.

A 2001 Platinum Rookie dual card featuring Enix Snead of the Cardinals and Alex Escobar of the Mets.  Both teams had hits, so to it went.  If it was a card of more importance, I would have made a video, but in this case you guys will just have to trust me when I say that The Sandlot won it.  Sorry Mojo.  Hopefully you don’t lose too much sleep over the lost Snead.

Thanks again to everyone who joined in the break.  Hopefully the next one will be an even bigger success.  But that won’t be for a little bit.

Which brings me to my next item of business.  With my wedding fast approaching (less than a month away!), it is becoming increasingly difficult to work on anything card related, so posts from me will be infrequent.  I have a lot of stuff I want to cover and tons of things going on in the industry that I want to chime in on in depth, but it will all have to wait.  I will warn you that several of my posts will be of the trade recap variety as I am severely backlogged in this area.  But don’t fret as I plan to post a trade bait post sometime in late May after things settle down again, which should have some decent stuff.

But, you know. Once I’m married, I can spend all my free time on cards.  I’ll already have the woman locked down, so it’s not like I’ll have to spend time with her anymore.  That is how marriage works, right?

9 comments to Last Community Break Update and Contest Reminder

  • I’ll be tying the knot soon too…let me know if that’s how marriage works.

  • Play at the Plate

    God help you if she reads this blog. If she does, it was nice knowing you and you had a good run. Seriously though, best of luck and congrats!

  • Hey, when you’ve been married for a few years, believe me, she’ll let you have the card time you want. She’ll want some time away from you.

  • Ammunition, dude…you just gave her ammunition.


  • Yes, that’s exactly how marriage works. As long as you are willing to give up part of your saturday to hang curtains, card time is easy to come by.

  • TJ

    Congratulations on the whole marriage thing!

    • Jon

      Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes (for my safety and otherwise). To all that wondered: No, she does not read the blog. I think she’s quite content to separate herself from my sports cards as much as humanly possible. Every time I go into the “card room” (aka former second bedroom turned “office”), it’s like I’m entering walled kryptonite or a hot lava pit. Which is exactly how I feel about our living room when the reality shows come on, so I’d say we’re even.

  • jacob child

    I don’t understand how to enter these contests but when I do i hope I win because I have spent more than $400 on cards this year and I haven’t gotten anything worth more than $20. :(… SAVE ME!

    • Well, Jacob, this contest has been over for a while but we’re always running new ones! Keep an eye on the blog and our YouTube page for instructions on entering!

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