My All-Star Team

In honor of tonight’s All-Star game, I thought what better time to show off some of the All-Star cards I’ve collected for my players. Simple enough concept, right? Let’s just jump right into it.

I was hoping he would be an All-Star again this year, but he had a rough start

I’ve already shown […]

The Frank Thomas Card Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby is tonight. Nearly 20 years ago, this used to be the greatest event in all of sports, that is until I discovered the Dunk Contest. 2 decades later, the dunk contest has lost virtually all of its excitement thanks to gimmickry and the curse of “seen it all before,” but the […]

Why Beckett Helps the Industry

I know, I know. The title alone is a controversial stance. Before you get all huffy about it, just know that in the next week or two I plan to post the opposite side of the issue. For now, I want to focus on the positives. Beckett takes a lot of flack on the message […]

Cards I Didn’t Know I Had #2

I have a tendency to start features and then ignore them for months upon months. It amazes me that bloggers such as Night Owl can not only start such ambitious tasks as the 50 greatest card backs of all time, but also maintain and complete them.

This series started in early November. It’s now basically […]

See, We’re Still A Normal Blog

Don’t let the whole retail shop thing throw you off too much, we’re still a typical blog at heart. I know we haven’t posted in a few days since the big announcement, but posts will go on as scheduled. The next time you read my words after this will be a returning feature, then I’ll […]