Who Hates Free Cards?

If you said “I do” to that question, then you must be a funny guy.  Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Funny Guy, while you’re off in the world trying to be all funny and guy like, there are real people right here in the heart of the U. S. of A. that aren’t being all “OOooh, look at me being funny, pay attention, pay attention!!!  Daddy, look!  Look what I can do!  Why don’t you look!  Are you looking!  I’m funny.  Why don’t you love me anymore?”  These real people aren’t self-centered like you.  They care about doing something good just for the sake of doing something good.  You know, because the person on the receiving end of that deed will be happier for it.  But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you funny guy.  Oh, am I hitting too close to home funny man?  Well, wipe the tears from your smearing clown make up so you can make a person really smile since your jokes certainly won’t.

Arguing with yourself is a sign of insanity, isn’t it?  Hmmm….  Hey!  Grogg from Nearly Mint sent me a couple free cards!  He saw what I collected, dropped me a line asking for my address, claimed to not want anything in return and that’s how I ended up with what you’re about to see.  Fake diatribe free!

Who hates gold?

I have a hard time telling the 2007 Gold from the 2008 Golds.  I don’t know why that is.  This should be a parallel Marmol’s RC, but there’s no logo.  He hadn’t appeared in a flagship issue before this Update card.  He does appear in Topps Rookie’s ’52 with the logo, but does that count for everything?  Why is it that people who were in 2010 Update as Rookies are in Chrome a year later as rookies?  This system is so dumb.

Who hates pinstripes in their relics?

I knew there was a reason I didn’t buy this online yet.  Somebody in the blogging world was bound to have it, and that somebody was Grogg.  The 2008 Ginter set was before my collecting time, and even though I’ve acquired a ton of it through a massive ebay lot over a year ago that I still haven’t fully sorted through, I figured this card would allude me for a while since I didn’t want to pay for it on ebay.  Now, those worries are gone, and I can happily say I have all the ’08 Allen & Ginter Marmol cards I needed.

A big thanks goes out to Nearly Mint for the great cards.  One of these days when I quit being such a funny guy, I’ll find a way to get you back.

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