Because Ponies

Isn’t that really the answer to just about every positive question you can think of?

Do I really need to say where this stuff came from? What land do the My Little Ponies inhabit? I know it’s not Narnia or Eternia. No, they’re from Equestria. How do I know that? It’s not from watching the […]

Same Song and Dance

I know. You’ve seen it all before. Three other times now. But when Colbey from Cardboard Collections keeps holding his “Affordable Monthly Group Breaks” (and we all know that blog is the home of said breaks) I find it hard to resist. In fact, I just signed up for my sixth go-round. What you’re about […]

Running Out of Options

We’re still in the midst of March Madness, so basketball has been on my mind more often than usual lately. I’ve been neglecting my basketball collections for the most part. One major reason is that they are very specific. There aren’t a lot of people actively looking to push their 1995-96 Series 1 Basketball inserts […]

Trade Madness

How about that Walking Dead season finale? The first half of the season was terrible, and still not wild about all the inconsistencies and random changing of the rules on the fly, but at least we got a nice action packed ending.

Oh, right. Cards. This is going to be a big one. Get ready.


2011 Collecting Goals Final Report

No new resolutions for me this year.

I know it’s the middle of March, but I never went on the record when most of you were talking about such things. You can all exhale now.

There are two key reasons as to why I’m not setting collecting goals for 2012. One is a lack of […]

I Might Have to Take Up Basketball Collecting Again

We haven’t talked about Panini a whole lot on this blog lately (or Upper Deck for that matter). That’s because we’re primarily a baseball blog and their baseball related products have been…shall we say…limited.

I want to try to rectify the lack of non-Topps chatter some as we go forward, because there are some important […]

Card Collecting Terms I Hate

It’s been a couple years now since I’ve delved back into card collecting. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen some terrible trends come about in my decade-plus-long absence that I would love to have the power to quash right now. There’s plenty of nit-picking that could be done, but for now let’s just […]

Stick(er) and Move

Don’t forget to sign-up for our Absolutely Free 2003 Leaf Baseball Box Group Break, if you haven’t already. Teams are filling up quickly and you don’t want to miss out on some 100% free cards!

The 2012 Topps MLB Sticker album will be coming out soon. I haven’t had a reason to buy any packs […]

Absolutely Free 2003 Leaf Baseball Box Group Break

Yes, that’s right. We’re going to give away the contents of an entire box of 2003 Leaf Baseball cards for free.

240 cards worth o' puddin! Awww, yeah!

A long, long time ago Panini was sending us free boxes of cards to review. One of those boxes was our favorite of the bunch was […]

Employee Appreciation Day

So, how did you all do in your office cubicle mini-golf tournament?

What’s that? You mean you guys didn’t have an in-the-office putt-putt course set up for Employee Appreciation Day a couple Friday’s ago? What?? You haven’t heard of Employee Appreciation Day?

Truthfully, neither had I. I’ve been with that company for 7 years now, […]