An Addendum To a Previous Trade Post (aka I Messed Up)

Evidently my record keeping abilities aren’t very good when it comes to certain things.  The 2011 MLB sticker album trades is one of those things.

I was readying what I thought was my penultimate sticker trade post, where I received a handful of stickers that completed a whole mess of teams.  Going back through everything I noticed that there were several unaccounted for completed pages.

I messed up.  I thought for sure that I hadn’t finished any teams until my last few trades.  I only started keeping track of what trades completed what pages about half-way through, and somewhat after the fact in a couple cases.  That does no one any good.

Well, it’s time to atone.  The problem is I’m not sure who to atone to.  You all may not care, but I feel slightly embarrassed and dumb.  These either came from Offy (post is here) or from Reader Matt (post is here).  I apologize for not knowing 100%.  Let’s just thank them both again for the following completed team pages!

Yankees Before

Sorry to assault your eyes with the Yankees straight away, but I’m going in page number order.  Don’t worry, Mariano Rivera (who has no sticker BTWBBQ) will have his grimace covered shortly.

Yankees After

Meh.  One good thing about this whole revisit is having clear comparison points between my old and new scanner.  The empty pages were from the old and you can see that the colors aren’t as accurate as the new one.  Bonus.

Phillies Before

I had a feeling Ryan Howard wouldn’t last.  I’d be surprised if he has another full season in him.  Of course, I’m surprised David Ortiz is still around and productive.

Phillies After

The Phillies are quite anemic so far this year.  More so than the Cubs.  That’s saying something.  Age will do that to a club.  Why do you think Theo dumped all our players as if this were Logan’s Run?

Cubs Before

Speaking of the Cubs.  You’d think Starlin has his eyes on the ball, but with the shades on, you can’t be sure. My guess is it’s an error.

Cubs After

Only four of these players are still on the club, one year later.  Soto is in danger of losing his job to Clevenger and Castillo is waiting in the minors.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded at the deadline.  DeWitt is expendable, but cheap.  Garza hopefully will stay.  Starlin’s staying.  Soriano will most likely be here.  Should be a fun year.

Pirates Before

Andrew McCutchen should be happy.  His Pirates have a decent shot of finishing over .500 very soon.

Pirates After

And that’s even considering this type of roster.  I don’t know how they’re doing it, but they’re still most likely going to be better than the Cubs.

Diamondbacks Before

Justin Upton may be one of the most under the radar players in the game today.  The Diamondbacks may be the most under the radar teams.

Diamondbacks After

They don’t look dangerous, but look out.  They just may win the NL this year.  Keep in mind my prediction ability is very very poor.

Dodgers Before

Matt Kemp was excited.  He should have been.  He played amazingly well last year, and is this year too.  Why can’t a Cubs player do such things?

Dodgers After

The whole team is actually playing the way they look like they should have.  I guess I’ll hope they can keep it up?  I don’t know.  I like Magic Johnson, so I guess I want them to do well since my team won’t.

Legends Before

Ah, the legends page.  They don’t have one in the 2012 album.  There are a few legends mixed into a few team pages, but no full page devoted to it.

Legends After

I love the foil stickers.  I don’t love three Yankees and three Dodgers out of nine player slots.  How did I not write down who helped finish this page?  I won’t be making that mistake this year.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who may or may not have contributed to all of this sticky goodness.  I’m winding down on the 2011 Album.  You almost don’t have to look at any more of it.  Of course, if you’re like me, that’s a bittersweet moment.  Lucky for you, I may be finishing my first 2012 sticker pages any day now!

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