40 comments to 2012 Topps Archives Baseball Case Break Sign-Ups Are Open!

  • This looks a lot like last year’s Lineage in a lot of ways. The base set appears to be loaded with Braves, but not so much in the inserts at the moment. As much as I’d like to pull the trigger I’m going to roll the dice and wait for the rest of the insert checklists to be revealed. Someone else may beat me to the Braves, but it’s a chance I’ll have to take.

  • Yanksandbeans

    Thanks for running this great break. I just sent over payment for Yankees, Mets and Nationals

  • Love to take the Yankees and Angels. I will skip the $7 discount to pay for extra postage to Europe (if the extra postage turns out to be more let me know !). Also happy to exchange doubles with other teams to get closer to completing the base set.

    Thanks !

  • I will take the Mariners and Phillies, the 73 dollars will be sent tonight.

  • Zach

    Orioles please!!

  • Zach

    Oh I’d like 1 team set and perhaps team sets of other teams if we get so lucky. So my vote is 1 and give any others away.

  • Dave

    I would like the Toronto Blue Jays please.

  • Nick M.

    Mariners for me. I think one team set and give others away as you mentioned.

  • Okay guys, thanks for the early and often responses. As expected and feared, there are some conflicts here and we’ll send out emails to those affected. There truly must be a better way to do this- conflicts pop up in every group break and I always feel terrible, but here’s the deal so far:

    The Yankees were claimed by Yanksandbeans via comment and Twitter just minutes before Dutch Card Guy claimed them with the Angels, but Yanksandbeans comment didn’t get auto-approved for some reason. Dutch Card Guy, if you still want the Angels they’re yours, but you have right of first refusal given that you may have ordered them thinking you’d get both them and the Yankees. Either way, you’ve got a refund coming your way. Deepest apologies for the inconvenience.

    The Mairners were claimed first by Nick M. via email. Brad, the Phillies are yours if you still want them. Same deal here- sorry about the conflict not being publicly visible before you ordered both teams and, again, you have right of first refusal on the Phillies if you’d prefer not to do just one of your teams.

    Once again, apologies for the trouble and we’ll get it squared away via email as well- just wanted to issue public apologies to these guys!

  • I’m in for the Indians ! Payment tomorrow. I can always use doubles but I’m open to other ideas.

  • Brad

    I would still like the phillies, can i have the red sox as well? Please confirm before i send the paypal payment thank you

  • Indians are yours, Baseball Dad!

    Confirmed Brad- Red Sox are yours!

  • Brad

    Money has been sent

  • Aaron

    Requesting Cincinnati Reds. Flexible of extras, fine with Reds doubles or other team sets.

  • RobbyT

    I’m interested in the Tigers as well as all Tigers doubles.

  • I forgot to comment about the team sets idea. Personally I would like 2 phillies team sets, and 2 red sox ones and then i’d be open to trading the other ones for any other team for varieties sake

  • RobbyT

    Payment sent. Never been part of a case break before. Looking forward to it!

  • Bretsyboo

    I’ll take the giants and cardinals…glad I stumbled across this site! I want a museum break!

    • Giants and Cards are yours- thanks for getting in! Museum is a little rich for our blood most likely but I can ask our distro folks what the going rate for a case is. Might be better to do a hit draft style break for that since I doubt anyone’s gonna pony up for the less popular teams on a super high end break!

  • Bretsyboo

    I forgot, I would REALLY prefer to get all of the cards from the sets. I have a lot of fellow cardinals fans I give my extra cards to in order to keep them interested and such. Asking what the going price for a case would be would be awesome. Maybe if there is enough interest and some Yankees fan wants to pay a couple of hundred and a first born, and some Astros fan wants to give up belly button lint we can make it add up. I bought into Museum only to have the guy cheat on the break and steal a Yu Darvish redemption so I am hungry to get into a fair one.

  • Nick

    Would like the rangers if it’s still available. Please let me know!

  • waxtopia

    I’ll take the Rangers!

    • Waxtopia was beat out by minutes after the Yu Darvish auto addition announcement by Topps. Our first rush! Nick, we’ll send you an email.

      As for the non-sport additions, we’ll have to figure out how to handle those. We’ll update you guys on the decision before the break!

  • waxtopia

    Braves still available?

  • waxtopia

    Payment for Braves sent!

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  • Question: not that we’ll actually pull one, but I’m assuming the player contracts would go to the team the player was with the year the contract was signed? Just curious how that would work. Seems like some of those contracts should be pretty easy to discern. Anyways, just curious…

    • Jon

      Good question. Yes, I think it is only fair that it goes to the player’s team. If the person played for more than one (see Nolan), we’ll see if there’s a date on it and give it to his team at that time. If not, we’ll random between all the possible teams he played for. Hope that works for everyone!

  • Aaron

    I have selected the Reds, and am wondering if a decision has been made regarding extra team sets. Although I wouldn’t mind extra Reds (I would like 2 complete sets), I am thinking of selecting an additional team or two, if that would increase my chances of getting a complete base set. Any updates on distribution of extra cards or selecting more than two teams?

    • Jon

      @aaron, I’ll have an update for you tomorrow. It would be today, but we’ve both had other obligations and can’t get the post together yet. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

  • Nick P

    I will take the Brewers and the White Sox. Let me know who to pay. This is my first post, saw it Re-Tweeted by Topps.

  • Destry Maynard

    So excited for this case break. Seems like an awesome bunch of cards. I have only done a couple box breaks, so this will be so much more fun. Is there a time for the box break to occur?

    • Jon

      We’ll keep everyone posted as to the exact time of the break once we know the case is on it’s way. Most likely it will be Thursday or Friday night, approximately 8pm CST. Keep watching the blog and/or our Twitter as we’ll be keeping everyone up to speed in both places. Thanks!

  • waxtopia

    Regarding (base)team sets, I would prefer to have at least 2 sets of Braves but after that I’m fine with trading within division. I want to keep any/all Braves parallels and inserts.

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