Another Sticker Album In The Books (Part 1)!

Fair warning time:  This is going to be scan heavy.  Really heavy.  Like so heavy, I’m splitting it up into two parts.  Okay, the first part won’t be too bad (second part – brutal), but it will be about basketball.  If neither are your cup of tea, I don’t blame you for turning away.  If you just can’t get enough of my witty banter and commentary, then consider my ego fed.

Having a blog is great, primarily for the wonderful trading doors it opens.  I think we’ve all used our respective geocities addresses to our advantages.  Still, there comes a time when the trade wells dry up, and you have to turn to another source.  For me, that time is basketball.  Very few of our readers collect basketball, and the ones that do most likely don’t have anything from my very specific basketball collecting focus.  Still, I thought I might be able to make a little more progress on my 2010-11 Panini NBA Sticker Album through trades than I actually made.

The excitement of finishing my 2011 MLB Album got me antsy, so I buckled and bought the remaining stickers I needed directly from Panini.  I considered buying a box, but this was cheaper and there’d be fewer extras laying around that I can’t seem to trade away.  Still, after two batches of buying (they have a limit of 40 stickers per order), my album is finally complete.  Let’s start with batch one.

Oooh, shiny and fabric-y

This batch of scans will be smaller, because I focused my attentions on getting the special cloth and foil stickers first, then I went back and filled in the teams that needed more than “Top Players” and logos.

Logo Page Before

Not all of the pages can be winners.  I know it’s a little bland now, but just wait!

Logo Page After

Okay, still bland.  Maybe if they put a couple non-blue colors somewhere it would be better.  I love the cloth stickers, but these logos are pretty pointless and pads an already long album.

Western Conference Before

Way too many teams in the NBA.  Okay, maybe not.  Way too many teams make it to the playoffs.

Western Conference After

I like what they did with the small team stickers by showing the home and road uniforms.

Eastern Conference Before

More of the same, just on the east coast this time.

Eastern Conference After

And of course, you have a spot up top to fill in the playoff bracket if you so choose.  I did not choose.  On to the teams!

Knicks Before Page 1

If you remember from last time, each team has two pages worth of player stickers, which is something  the baseball album should adopt especially considering the larger rosters MLB teams have.

Knicks After Page 1

Just about every team has a shiny Top Player and a foreign born player.

Knicks Before Page 2

You’ll notice no Jeremy Lin on this page.  He wasn’t with the team yet.  He was too busy being waived by the Warriors and the Rockets (who are now paying him a boat load of cash).  That’s how out of nowhere his stardom was.

Knicks After Page 2

Also no Carmelo yet.  Boy how the Knicks have changed in such a small period of time.  Good.  Screw ’em.

Bulls Before Page 1

Oh, what might have been.  Boozer doesn’t deserve first page status anymore.

Bulls After Page 1

I like Luol Deng, but which he wasn’t playing in the Olympics.  I know most people have the next season written off for Chicago, but he should still try to avoid further injury.

Bulls Before Page 2

The Bulls made a good run in the 2010-11 season, nearly edging out the Celtics, when people didn’t give them an honest chance.  Obviously this year didn’t work out after D-Rose’s injury.  All we have to do is make it into the playoffs.

Bulls After Page 2

We have a good supporting cast. I’m becoming a big fan of Joakim Noah.  Ugly as sin, but turning into an all-star Dennis Rodman type.

Jazz Before Page 1

I don’t know what to say about the Jazz.  They made for some interesting Finals in the late 90s?

Jazz After Page 1

I do think it’s a shame that Jerry Sloan was ousted because of the baby cry Deron Williams, who left the team shortly thereafter anyway.  Really pathetic all-around.

Jazz Before Page 2

Can’t say I know most of these names.

Jazz After Page 2

Seeing the faces sure as Mormonism doesn’t help.

Warriors Before Page 1

The rumors are that the team is moving from Oakland to San Francisco.  May be a smart move.

Warriors After Page 1

You know how a player has one good game that you see and that can affect your perception of that player forever since they’re not on a team you follow?  See:  Stephen Curry’s march madness game

Warriors Before Page 2

Yup, there aren’t going to be a lot of players that I know.  I just knew I wanted their stickers.

Warriors After Page 2

Charlie Bell looks just as confused as I am about who he is.

Clippers Before Page 1

Look out everybody, the Clippers are on the upswing.  And yes, Chris Kaman was their best player at the time.

Clippers After Page 1

Slowly but surely, they’re becoming a legitimate team.  Having Chris Paul certainly helps a lot.  Especially when he’s throwing alley-oop passes to one of the guys on the next page.

Clippers Before Page 2

Yes, Blake Griffin is all the way down at the bottom of the page, awaiting his chance.  If you remember, he spent the majority of his first season injured.  The world would have to wait.

Clippers After Page 2

Ta da!  And that’s the end of the first part.  If you thought this was a lot, trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet.  See that little page number at the bottom?  Yup.  There are more than 57 pages in the album. About 20 more, and I have them all filled, which means you’re going to see them all.  If you didn’t like basketball before, you probably will hate it after I’m done.  But it will be done.  Oh yes.  It will be done.

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