A Little Charity Work, Sort Of

Hopefully most of you are familiar with the concept of Box Buster Bingo (aka BoBuBingo).

It’s a game run by Crackin Wax (who you may remember from my product review back in October). He opens a box of cards and you follow along with a bingo card he created previously.  If you get a Bingo, then you win one of the hits.  If you fill your card, you win all the hits, poaching previous winners.

What does this have to do with Charity?  Well, Topher was able to work out a deal with Panini to hold a charity BoBuBingo with all the proceeds going to the Red Cross.  A very kind and generous gesture by all involved.

As the Fonz would say, "Aaaaaaaaaathletics."

Now I know that these aren’t Panini cards, but I’ll get there.  I bought into the Topps Chrome break because it was only 5 bucks, and I was offered a free slot in the next break, which ended up being the Panini Cooperstown charity break.  Of course, I also bought a few more slots in the Charity break.  Would have bought more if my finances were a little better at the time.

As you can see, my random draw was for the A’s.  I thought about trying to trade, but the allure of a Cespedes RC/parallel/auto was too great.  I think it worked out alright.  All of my base cards were rookies, which could be all there is for that team, including the Yoenis.  Good start so far.

Blue and green look good together

This is the lone refractor that came my way, but who could be upset with those odds?  I really don’t know much about Milone as a player, but it doesn’t matter that much.  But we’re not done.

He should turn the "P" into a feather.

There are two autographs in the box.  The first one went to a Bingo holder, and this was the second that went unclaimed.  Peacock started out with the Nationals but got traded to the A’s a year ago.  He hasn’t made it back to the majors to make this picture legitimate in the MLB sense.  I do know that Brad has signed a whole lot.  Time will tell as to the ultimate monetary value, but it certainly makes me feel like my $5 was well spent.  These are all available for trade, by the way.

I didn’t win anything on the Cooperstown break, but that’s alright.  I wasn’t in that to win.

Thank you to Topher for holding these breaks, it’s great to see a bit of charity in our blogging world.  Hopefully we can all pull together and get more of that going this coming year.

By the way, check out Topher’s blog, because he currently has a ’13 Topps case break raffle with proceeds benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation.  I don’t think I’ll be able to join, but if you have the means and interest, please check it out.

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