Let the Trading Begin! Bait Enclosed

Several months ago, I participated in a trade bait draft over at The Daily Dimwit’s place.  At the time, I wasn’t actively trading, so that I could catch up on my backlog a bit more.  Still, I wanted to get in on it, because there were several hits I was hoping to snag for my own self and the price was quite nice.

I’ll show my personal collection side of the haul soon, but today is all about you guys.  The draft had two sections – autos/relics and then inserts/parallels.  Take a look and let me know if there’s anything you may want.  Oh, and don’t forget, I still have tons of 2012 Topps Minis up for trade!

If anything sounds good, check out my want lists found right here.  They’re only slightly out of date.

You can comment below, but its best to email me here as well. – Last Updated on 6/29/17 but may not be fully up to date….


2002 UD Diamond Connection Bat Around Quad – Justice/Martinez/Erstad/Gonzalez
2002 UD Diamond Connection Bat Around Quad – Thome/Rodriguez/Ordonez/Justice
2002 UD Diamond Connection Diamond Collection Roberto Alomar Jersey /775 – TRADED
2002 UD Diamond Connection Diamond Collection Hideo Nomo Jersey /775
2007 UD Artifacts Autofacts John Nelson Autograph
2007 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness Mike Piazza bat – TRADED
2004 Bowman Heritage Umpire Autographs Joe West

Sorry, the Mark Grace relic was given to Andy to start to pay for all the free stuff he’s given me through the years.

So much white

This next one wasn’t in the draft, but it did come in a lot with a different relic.  I didn’t pay more for the 2 than I would have for the 1, so this Santana 2011 Limited Materials Jersey up for trade, too.


2007 UD Masterpieces Blue Parallel (blue linen?) Hideki Matsui #/75
2007 UD Masterpieces Green Parallel (not sure which) Ty Cobb
2009 UD Series 2 Starquest Blue Uncommon Cole Hamels
2009 UD Series 2 Starquest Blue Uncommon Evan Longoria
2009 UD Series 2 Starquest Gold Rare Cliff Lee (dinged corner)
2009 UD Series 2 Starquest Emerald Super Rare Carlos Beltran
2001 Fleer Futures Characteristics Ken Griffey Jr.

Hobby Shop set

Lastly, each participant received a full 9 card Home Run Legends set available only in hobby shops as part of the Topps redemption card promotion.  I guess his local guy has a bunch of leftovers.  I’m open to trading the set as a whole or individuals.  I don’t need any of them, so however they turn into stuff I want is fine with me.

There you go!  Have at it!  Let the offers commence.

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