A Little Promotional Indulgence

By the looks of it, many of you already know about the site Got It. Got It. Need It., but I’m late to the party.

I just posted a little bit of trade bait, and a couple of you have responded already.  If I wanted, I could use this excellent resource to be more proactive.  Mark from Mark’s Ephemera set it up to facilitate more trading among bloggers.  If you have a stack of cards for particular team, search the list and find yourself a trading partner and maybe even a new favorite blog!

It’s a great idea and resource and very easy to get involved, so go sign up and trade your cards!  Oh, and check out that trade bait I mentioned.

While I’m on the subject of promoting things, I also wanted to let you all know about a brand new blog I started.  I’ve mentioned a couple times that I used to review movies for a site called Filmbrats.  I stopped doing that in late 2007 to focus on comedy writing.  I stopped the comedy writing to work on this blog.

Now, before you ask, I’ll still be maintaining the card blog.  I’ve been getting the itch to review films again, and I have more time to do these things now, so here we go.

If you’re interested in following that blog and checking out some new and old reviews, following me in my quest to watch all the AFI top 400 nominated films, and see some of my world-famous homemade DVD covers head on over to:

Steaming Pile Reviews, also on Tumblr (same stuff as the blog there), and on twitter.

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