Sticking To My Roots

Collecting is a funny thing.

I’ve also noticed that there have been a lot of people recently that have returned to collecting cards after several years away from it.  Collecting is in the blood.  It’s tough to ignore completely.

On the other side of the coin, it seems like everyone I know in the hobby gets sick of it in one way or another at some point.  It can be expensive.  It can take focus away from your family.  It can lose its fun and appeal for a variety of reasons. It can be overwhelming.

A good way to combat that is to focus your collecting goals.  Take Eric from The Diabetic Card Geek blog for instance.  He has very specific and strict guidelines for what he chases and he’s willing to wait for the right opportunity.

Of course, if you follow him on twitter (and you really, really should), you’ll learn that he too is going through a card funk.  His focus is turning towards comics, and I’m starting to see others drift to that as well.

I, too, am drifting a little bit.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve started a new blog for movie reviews.  Movies have been a passion of mine for most of my life.  I went to school for it (that’s how Andy and I really became friends), and I’ve reviewed films in the past.  Recently, I got the itch to get back into the movie review fold and started Steaming Pile Movie Reviews.

I’m finding myself more interested in working on that blog than this one.  I’m excited at the prospect of re-editing and porting over 400 older reviews to the new site.  I’m sure a large part of the appeal is the new blog smell.  It’s a new venture, so of course it’s going to occupy more time at first.

Yet, I still love cards.  I love collecting and adding new things to my binders.  It’s in the blood like I said.

So glad he wasn't in the online Update set

Eric is a big Heritage guy.  He goes after a master set every year.  If you have a variation card from this year or the past couple, especially the retail exclusives, please contact the man.  He buys a ton of the stuff every year, but we all know he can’t do it alone.

the cheap version

I’m curious if the Aramis/Kerry Wood SP “error” will ever fall into a price range I’m comfortable paying.  People still try to get $60 for it, but no one’s biting anymore.  No one’s willing to try an auction to find out it’s real market value.

Pay attention to that face

I’m not done with Castro in 2012 Heritage yet.  There are a couple variations and all of the chromes to hunt at some point.  But, I do have one more that I don’t have to worry about.

because here it is again

Yes, the Heritage sticker mini thingy.  I’m happy to have this, because even Eric is missing some of them, after a case+ of purchases.  I’m very thankful he had this double for me.

All of this was mine in exchange for a simple Ryan Braun red border I found in my sole Heritage blaster purchase (a 40% discounted one at).

Thank you very much for the trade, and the awesome and refreshingly honest twitter reading!

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