Not a 2013 Topps Post

While everyone’s busy posting away with their brand new shiny, special 2013 Topps cards, some of us realize that there are other equally viable collecting subjects.  What’s wrong with older cards?  What’s wrong with talking about a 1986 Donruss card for instance?

I mean, it’s not like we’re journalists.  Why do we have to write about 2013 Topps the day it releases?  Are we that hungry for new cards?  I mean I don’t have all the cards on my want list. I’d be okay with Topps waiting a year or two before their next release.

All I’m trying to say is that I’ll have my 2013 Topps post up tomorrow.

This post is about free cards.  Everyone likes free cards.  Even more than 2013 Topps.  JUST GIVE ME A DAY, PEOPLE!  Jeez!

Madding from Cards on Cards sent over a few freebies a few months ago.  It was a completely unexpected package, but certainly a welcome one.

Oh, and speaking of free cards, I have to say mention that if you’re interested in basketball cards at all, I suggest signing up for his new Basketball Card Club.  Details on the blog.  It’s free and sounds pretty cool, so please check it his new club.  He’s not only the president, he’s also a member.  Sorry for that reference.

Take a knee. This won't take too long

See? Old cards are just as cool.  Even more cool, because 2013 Topps doesn’t make me want to watch Max Headroom and play Atari 2600 just from looking at it.

Blue border that's not a parallel

A welcome addition to my budding pre-Cub Dempster collection.  See, even decade old cards are…holy crap! This card is a decade old.  If I was collecting back then and had a pre-existing connection to this set, I’d feel ancient right about now.

Back when Ginter back meant something

Since Kerry Wood is listed as an Indian, I think this is the better side to show off.  Don’t you?  Spoiler: You’ll see a Kerry Wood card in tomorrow’s 2013 post as well.

He also sent over a coupe of Maddux cards that I got in the Overload bundle, but they weren’t checked off my spreadsheet yet.  It took a loooong time to go through all of those.  I’m just going to wait to show them off in their respective yearly breakdowns.

I still think that seal looks like an elephant

Damn straight he’s MVP.  Two times, suckers.  Chew on that.

So misleading

We end on a very confusing card.  That 1999 Donruss marking on top:  doesn’t mean 1999 Donruss.  1999 Donruss doesn’t exist.  Neither does 2000.  No, this is a 2001 Donruss 1999 Retro card.  Yeah, I don’t fully understand it either.  I guess they went back and created designs that would have existed if they were making sets without a gap?  I don’t know.  But I’m glad to have it, and happy to have figured out where it’s from.

Thank you again to Madding for thinking of me during your “desk clean-up.”  I really appreciate it, and hope to do the same for you soon.

4 comments to Not a 2013 Topps Post

  • Wait. I’m not a journalist?

    What do I tell my boss?

    And there is never a good time to write about 1986 Donruss. And, yes, I’m even talking about that Canseco rookie.

    • Jon

      N.O. – Wait, you don’t just deliver the newspapers? I guess you should tell the boss that you have this great scoop you want to run on these crazy glossy pieces of cardboard, and then try not to blame me when you lose your job because of it.

      Jeff – Ha, that’s actually not a bad idea. I might do something like that for some cards in the future if I remember.

  • That Big Hurt card is a whole lot of confusing. Maybe you could whip up some kind of flow chart to explain it better.

  • That Frank Thomas Award Winners is the shiz-nit.

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