Catching The Fever

How many of you have been able to watch any of the World Baseball Classic?  I’ve caught a few innings here and there.  Any baseball is good baseball.  I could take or leave spring training in terms of “seeing young talent prove themselves.”  The only important aspect that applies to the regular season is “Injured: Yes or No?”

Anyway, I’m getting excited for the season.  Working from home should help me see a little bit more Cubs day baseball.  I’m ready to catch the fever.  Fantastically.

I don’t think I’ve done a good referential title for a trade post in a while.  I guess I caught that bug, too.  Anyway, these are all courtesy of Fantastic Catch. He wanted some of my Cardinals minis and I got some good stuff in return.

Sweet Barney rookie

I don’t always take random Cubs, but those minis were burning a whole in my boxes and I try to be amenable whenever possible.  Still, if there’s anything here that you need, these are all available for trade again.


I actually have an extra one of these for trade now too.  This Castro chrome rookie came first, then another blogger sent one later on, probably before I updated my want lists.  Still, if you have to have doubles of a rookie, Castro isn’t a bad one to be stuck with.

Take that, Red!

Topps loves photographing Starlin mid-double play.  I’m not complaining.  This kind of action is better than a plain old boring ball toss.  Hey, opening day is coming soon!  Just a couple more weeks!

Another one down

Can I finish this puzzle before 2013 Triple Play comes out?  Not a chance. Unless there’s some awesome, generous reader that can get me the last few before March 25th.

And another one bites the dust

I believe this is 4 of 9 puzzle pieces that I’ve shown on the blog now.  If I remember, the next post featuring a puzzle piece will also show you my progress so far.

Pay no attention to that logo

2010 Upper Deck is hiding a lot of depth.  Inside all those unopened boxes and packs are several large insert sets that most of us don’t even know exist.  Until this came in the mail, I never would have known this was part of that set.  It may be worth grabbing a box down the line to add to a group break, because I can virtually guarantee that most of you guys don’t have a lot of the stuff.

Looks like he's sitting on his jersey square

I saved the best for last.  We essentially swapped relics.  I had the mini Furcal relic and he had this Series 2 Marmol relic.  We had to do a little investigative work to make sure, because the S1 and S2 relics have the same card number, but different pictures.  This one matches the sparkle version that’s only found in S2.  What’s even better is that Carlos actually led this category.  With 70 games finished, he beat out Matt Capps by 4 in the 2010 season.  We have a winner!  And we have my 11th Carlos Marmol jersey relic.

Well, I have definitely caught trading fever.  Now that my Jordan countdown is finished, see my previous posts, I can start buckling down on the slew of trades and random packages that have found their way to my door lately.  Thanks a lot to Fantastic Catch for the fantastic trade!

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