Closing Day

We’re just about a week away from baseball’s opening day.

It’s a wonderful time of the year.  Spring is starting to rear it’s pretty little head.  New baseball cards start coming out faster than a Vin Diesel driven car.  Hope and optimism is in every fan’s head.

The future is now.

But sometimes before you get to Opening Day, you need to have a Closing Day.  Every new beginning some from some other beginning’s end says the song.

In my case, the new beginning is the purchase of a new house brought about by the end of a stressful foreclosure involving two separate defaulted mortgages.  Double the banks; double the fun says no song.

After several long months, the deed is done, so to speak.

The current owners are currently still there for a few more days (we hope that’s all it’ll be at least), but again if you didn’t see my previous warning to stop sending me mail, I would ask again to please not send any packages my way if you intended to do so.

Courtesy of the Diamond King

One good close deserves another.  Or a closer.  You know what I’m going for.  Marmol’s come a long way since his minor league days.  It’s been a roller coaster ride watching him, not unlike this housing thing.

Need all the F/X versions now

I guess you could call us rookie homeowners.  But don’t worry about our longevity.  We have a Keurig, so there’ll be plenty of cups of coffee available.

The more I see this design, the less I like it

It’ll be nice to be able to “shut the door” without bothering any neighbors.  Actually, more accurately, it’ll be nice to not be bothered by neighbors shutting their doors so loudly and listening to their children cry at ungodly early and late hours.

Stare down

These were the good times.  Strikeouts everywhere.  Sort of like when we thought the first bank was actually going to reduce our offer price by $10K.  That got reversed a couple days later, but at least neither came back forcing more than the offer.

bad ebay purchase

The home will need work, as most places do.  Sort of like this glossy parallel /999.  It was cheap and one of multiple cards from the same seller, but arrived with some bad denting on the top.  Can’t fix that with new carpet or paint.

I wish I could photoshop that cap away

This card may be mini-sized (hard to tell, I know), but our place isn’t.  A nice 3 BR, 3.5 bathroom with two living spaces and a tw0-car attached garage.  Certainly beats our 2BR/1bath apartment with street parking in growing gangland.

I feel so far behind in Heritage collecting

There isn’t a lot of heritage to the place, either.  We shouldn’t have to worry about replacing any of the major items for a while.

Traded for this back when the site was still active.

Now let’s talk about the good stuff.  The shining light in the whole deal is that the two of us don’t need three bedrooms and two living spaces.  Do you know what that means?

Managed to trade for this, too. Without having a black diamond to give back. Took a series of deals

It means we’re going to have a game room with all my old school consoles hooked up and ready to go.  My 100+Genesis games will finally have a chance to be played.  It also means that I’ll have a dedicated office/card room.

Shine on you crazy diamond parallel

Yes, hope springs eternal this time of year.

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