I’m In The Club

Isn’t it nice to be part of something special?

Madding from Cards on Cards started a basketball club several months ago.  The idea was that some of us primarily baseball collectors could have an outlet to receive some secondary basketball cards.  He gets to dump his other teams from the new stuff he buys, and we get get to dump our Trailblazers on him.

Sounded like a pretty great club to be a member of, so I joined up.  The Bulls were already claimed, however so I chose the next best thing.  I asked for all of his LA Clippers in exchange for my Blazers.  Good deal.  Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the first swap.

Glorious hoopiness

I know what you’re thinking.  These aren’t Clippers cards.  Very true.  Well, Madding is such a great guy that when I mentioned that one of the reasons I wanted said Clippers is because Grant Hill was on the squad, he took that to heart and threw in a bunch of new Hills for me.  The same goes for Durant.  He is one of my favorite contemporary players.  I may not be actively collecting basketball players, but Durant is on the top of the list of guys I’ll accept anytime.

Ally-oop tandem supreme

Here are some Clippers.  These guys are the other two reasons I claimed the team.  Blake Griffin is a highlight machine and a joy to watch on the court (and in commercials, honestly).  Chris Paul is my small guard du-generation.  The common thread among all of these players is that they play well, are well-rounded, are All-Stars, and they do it all with integrity.  That’s important, and increasingly rare.

Even got a card of the coach

Oh yeah, the Bulls also kind of opened up after the fact, so I got a big stack of the 2014 World Champions.  Aside from D-Rose, Noah has become my favorite current Bull player.  I love the tenacity.  Ugly as sin, but tenacious and getting better every single season.  It’s a shame that Nate Robinson isn’t coming back this season.  He proved to be quite the spark plug when we needed it most.

A lot of memories up there.

While the club was designed to exchange mostly newer cards Madding bought in packs, that wasn’t going to stop him from unloading the older stuff.  I love that Horace Grant card on the right.  He’s just popping a squat on another dude.  But the best card of the bunch is the Artis Gilmore in the center there.  I have very few cards from before I was born, especially basketball cards, so this is an extra special addition to the collection.

Lord of the Championship Rings. Get it?

What can you say about Scottie Pippen that hasn’t been said already?  Probably a lot.  All I’ll say is he is welcome in my house anytime.


Of course, I’m going to end on Jordan if there are Jordans to end on.  You saw some of these on my surprisingly still popular Top 50 MJ cards list, but a couple are brand new to me.  How can you not love the black jersey?  How can you not love the StarQuest?  Oh, they’re all good.

Thanks a lot to Madding for the great batch of cards and for the great opportunity.  I know I haven’t been the best club member, but hopefully next year especially I’ll be able to buy more new stuff and get the swaps flowing regularly.

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