My First 2013 Starlin Castro Cards

I’ve been kind of obsessing over my want lists lately.

It seems like each post is passive-aggressively commenting on the overwhelming amount of new cards being added to the want section while my highlighted “haves” stay put.  It brings my whole average down.

Like Starlin Castro batting average down.  Let’s just say that we’ve both had an off year.

It’s been such an off year, that I can probably count the number of 2013 Starlin Castro cards I own on one hand.  And that number would probably be a lot lower if it weren’t for my trade with Pat from Hot Corner Cards.  Yes, for the price of a few Tigers from my 3 blasters of series 1, I got my first (and nearly last) taste of Castro cardboard.

Okay, here's one

Can you believe that this card didn’t show up in my blasters?  The only dang player I collect to be included in the series 1 set and I struck out.  Not unlike the subject of this card has done a lot this year.  It’s easy to place this game as taking place on Mother’s Day thanks to the abundance of pink.  Sadly, this has resulted in a lot of false positives in my saved “Castro Pink” ebay search.

Dude on a cell phone. What's the earliest card to feature that?

I’m really happy to have gotten this mini out of the way early.  Again, that’s the benefit of trading so close to release day.  If I were to trade with people now, I don’t know if I would be so lucky.  So, these are my first 2013 Starlin Castro cards.  Now, I only have 115 more to go.  So far.  There’s still 3 months left in the calendar year.

Part 2 of 3 (of 6 possible)

Lastly, Pat was kind enough to put this in his package as well.  You may remember this from my most recent post.  That was the regular found in everything version of the insert.  This is the found only in Target (?) rack packs version of the insert.  Very excited to have this, too.

Honestly, I’m very excited to have anything from 2013 releases at this point.  I’m excited to have great trade partners like Pat.  Please show the guy your excitement too by sending some Tigers his way if’n you don’t mind.

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