Sticker Set Calling

I’m going to make this pretty short and very sweet (for me, at least).  Many of my catch up trade posts have been long (and many of the trades left to post are also very large).  The packages I received were filled to the brim and I now have the propensity/gumption to show every card that hadn’t previously been seen in this space.  Back in the day, I would pick and choose which ones to show off, but since my goal is to scan and comment on every card in my collection, it’s best to hit them all at once.

What makes this trade different, aside from the fact that I’m showing two separate trades, is that it’s largely set-based.  That makes sense when you’re talking about a trade with Base Set Calling.  The only baseball sets that I still collect are the sticker sets.  In the past, I would show all the before and after images of the completed pages.  I’m deciding against that going forward.  It’s more effort than meets the eye and really doesn’t result in compelling content.

Look at all of those former needs

So, instead of showing 16 images, I’ll just show this one of a sprawling stack of stickers that completed 8 pages of my 2013 album.

That’s now how sunglasses work

Also included in the stack were a couple of “duplicates” that will remain unstuck.  I needed, and now have, an extra Castro to put in my normal binder

Awkward knee bend

The other was a little sticker of Big Hurt.  This is a nice picture and I like the faded out backgrounds.

I see a sneaky sliding mascot in there

The other package I got in short order was from a reader named Phil B.  His envelope came through after my trade with Brian, and so it may not have been as dense, but it still completed an impressive 6 pages in my book.

I really appreciate the quick and easy trades from both of you fine chaps.  If I get my act together, perhaps we can do it again for the 2015 album.  I just need to actually buy an album and stickers this year.  Oh, and for those that are curious, I still have some 2014 needs if you want to help out.  I’ll post an official want list one of these days soon.

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