A Quick Trade Post Diversion

Before my involuntary hiatus, I made quite a few trades.  I’m still not sure if I’m fully ready to start up the trading again, even though I’d love to, so for now I’ll have to make due with posting these older trades from over a year ago.  Take this trade with Red Sox Fan in Nebraska.  I don’t know what I sent over to him, but I’ll assume it was Red Sox related.  Seems like a pretty safe guess.

Anyway, what’s more important are the cards I got in return, and I got some pretty good ones.


I love this fist pump shot.  It’s easily one of my favorite Marmol pictures.  It’s becoming increasingly tough to get new Carlos cards.  That’s what happens when you have over 50% of them and people care so little about the player to even search their common boxes.  So, stuff like this is much appreciated.

It’s okay, the ball won’t hurt you

You can’t tell me this was the best World Series picture they could find.  Look at that face.  I will say that the blurred background and the lack of depth of field is a nice touch.

Champion Fielder?  Are we sure that’s the label we want?

Wait! Stop!  Don’t slide into second base until I have the ball!  What’s that? It got past me?  Can we have a do-over?  Castro’s had a rough time, but I’m glad he wasn’t traded (so far).  He has the potential to be a .300 hitter again, and maybe the move to second will help his defense a little bit since he won’t have to rush his throws as often.  I can dream, right?

Rivet-ing. Yes, I’ve used it before, and I’ll use it again!

Why do Pacific cards look so tacky?  It’s such an unexplainable thing.  There are quality design elements here – the jewel inset, the foil flames and the font for the name, and the picture selection are sold.  But put together as a cohesive whole and it looks like a knock-off brand.  Pacific is the Apple Jills cereal of baseball cards.

Going crazy with the shading and shadow effects

Not that this is much better.  Fleer Tradition has a tradition of making boring horizontal inserts with a lot of unused empty space.  Showing a landscape of a foggy mini golf course isn’t enough to hold my interest.

Forever tied together in baseball history

I see the Baseball Heroes set as a stealthy threat. It’s a ninja.  You forget about it.  Your nostalgia causes you to let your guard down. But it will punish your want lists.  It’s easy to take notice of a set like Moments & Milestones, or the crazy inserts from 2005 like Studio Portraits, Sportscasters, and Polo Grounds.  Then I scroll down and see that for Tony Gwynn there are a total of 26 cards that fit my want lists.  8 of those are relics.  So many parallels.


Here’s a card that I could have sworn I had.  Back in the case breaking days, I’m sure we had dozens of these.  But those codes sold for good money, and I imagine we shipped them off to avoid typing in a bunch of codes or having the buyer claim something to reverse the charges.  Anyway, I have it now.  And I have the card pictured within the card, too.

Boy does that logo look off center

Here’s a pretty faithful reprint of the 1985 Topps card from the 2012 Archives set.  As with most reprints, the big difference is in the fonts.  There’s also a little less yellow peeking out on the left side.  Oh, and it’s glossy and the back is bright as balls.

I really like the big jersey number in the background

Absolute Memorabilia sets scare me.  They are so complex and all so similar.  If it weren’t for the fact that they have the year printed in foil on the front, I would not be able to figure out what’s what.

Shinier than pictured

This may be the “star” of the package.  Here we see the Ultra Rare version of the StarQuest insert.  I don’t know how rare that actually is, but it sounds tough.  In fact, there are 4 versions that are more common than this.  I look forward to that quest.

Thanks a lot again to Red Sox Fan in Nebraska for the great and varied trade.  Perhaps we’ll get to do it again in the future.

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