Smooth As

Oh, I’m sorry.  The answer we were looking for was “Silk.”

The saying is “Smooth as silk.”

What’s that?  That’s what you said?  Well then your prize is to look at some cards.

Can you guess what kind of cards we’re about to see?

Oh, I’m sorry. The answer we were looking for was “Silk.”

What’s that?  That’s what you said?  Ok.  Good.

His last good year

I have a few saved ebay searches that lay dormant for a long, long time, but every once in a while I get a surprise notification about a card I’m looking for.

All-Star – DNP

Or two.  This particular day gave me the opportunity to nab quite a few needs on the cheap, because this guy was selling a lot of his Cubs cards all at once.

Third All-Star of the group

Or three.  I was thrilled to see these up for auction and low starting prices, so I set my max and kept the fingers crossed.  I think one of them even had the wrong picture which I thought would work in my favor.

No Lincoln variation

Or four.  I don’t recall how much I paid for all of these, and it’s possible this one was from a second seller, but overall I didn’t spend a lot and got to mark off some much needed fabric cards off my lists.

Have you had any dormant or forgotten search results pop-up on you?  Did you have luck grabbing the card?

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