Happy 50th Birthday Greg Maddux

Yesterday was Greg Maddux’ 50th birthday.  I’m not great at creating timely content, but it’s a milestone age for a player I collect.  It’s worth making an appearance at this party.

Now, the fact that it’s a milestone brings to mind the infamous 2007 and 2008 marathon sets, but while I have a ton of those cards sitting in wait, I don’t have time to do my proper research on the corresponding game logs.  So, instead, let’s quickly look at the un-posted Maddux cards I have that are numbered to his age.

I only have 5 total cards serial numbered to 50 so far, and they were all acquired over 5 years ago.  Of those, I’ve shown the two 2010 Topps Sterling Framed White cards here and here.

Golden Oldie?

These came from ebay purchases made way back in 2010.  At the very start of my collecting quest, I hit the auctions looking for some decent lots that included a “better” card or two.  I also tended to pick up singles of low numbered stuff more often.

All of these scans are going to look terrible because they’re old like him

This marble blue came as part of a 50+ card lot that included about 10 serially numbered cards.  I know I would have paid a lot less than $1 a card, so this was practically free.

Based on an old set

And last, but not least on this quick birthday greeting is a sportscaster card.  I probably need about 49 more of these.  I’ll be older than 50 by the time I’m done with that set at the right I’m going.

I know it’s not much of a tribute, but Happy Birthday Greg (since I’m sure you read this…).  I hope it was a good one, and I’ll be sure to save all me #/100 cards for that big birthday post!

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