I’m Not Getting No-Hit

Congratulations to Jake Arrieta on his second career no-hitter!  It’s extremely fun to watch that guy pitch these days.  I don’t know how long this run will last, but it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon.  He is continuing his domination and it’s great to have a virtually guaranteed win every fifth day.  Jake’s been pretty good with his bat this season as well.  A homer in his last game, and 2 hits in this past game.  I love the NL.

So, the Reds may have gone hitless in the trouncing last night, but I’m certainly not.  Maybe the Reds can borrow some of mine?

He’s scratching his head, not pitching

Every once in a while I’ll pick up a large pile of stuff from COMC.  My focus will depend on my mood, but I usually try to get low numbered stuff and inserts.  One of my batches found me grabbing some relics for less than $5 each – usually $3 and under.

Possible sliver of pinstripe at the very top

I’m not sure why some relics are cheaper than others, but my guess is the popularity of the set has something to do with it.  People don’t like Artifacts.  I’m indifferent to it, but I think the hits look fine enough.

Of all the cards in my Collection, this is not the Ultimate

This one I grabbed from ebay last year.  It’s the second one in this post that lists Maddux as a member of the Padres but uses a Cubs picture and jersey.  It would be fun to open a box of Ultimate one day.

I miss Derrek

Back to COMC for the last two.  Kerry cards are usually pretty dang cheap and I think this was only $1.50 or so.  This set had a ton of relics, though so maybe it’s also due to the deluge.  I only need 14 more relic combinations from this set (including another one with just Kerry and D Lee).

It looks like he has super powers

One more for you.  I could do one hit for every hit the Cubs had, but I’ll spare you all that onslaught.  No Kris Bryant grand slams here.  Instead, we end appropriately with Zenith.  This card looks really nice in person with the etched foil.  The crooked pinstripe is a little bothersome, but I’ll allow it nonetheless.

Once again, congratulations Jake!  You’ve done something that neither Kerry nor Greg ever did.  Now rest up, because there’s still a long season ahead of us and we’ll need your arm.

He reads this blog, right?

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