Award Winner? He IS the Award!

You probably heard this already, but right before the All-Star Game Major League Baseball announced that it was renaming the batting championship trophies for each league.

On the American League side, players will receive the Rod Carew Trophy, a man who ended his career with a .328 average and 7-time batting champion.  That news generated a standing ovation from the crowd, which had to be a thrill for Carew and his family who were in attendance.

Then, the San Diego hometown crowd went nuts when they learned the NL batting champ trophy would bear the name of Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn

Is Will sticking his tongue out, or is that some weird shadow trick?

Obviously, both of these players are worthy of the honor.  By that I mean Carew and Gwynn, not necessarily Will Clark.

The Bestest

You could make an argument for other hitters, and I bet I wouldn’t disagree with you on several names.

He won a few awards, but no MVP

Still, it’s really nice to see a player I collect recognized in this way.  I’m not too sure he would have been selected if he were still alive, to be honest.

No surprise that he’s the Padres hit leader

But, no matter who the players are, I think we can all agree that having a Rod Carew/Tony Gwynn batting title is much better than having a corporate name cash grab slapped on there.

Also had a career .338 average

We’re starting to see several new Tony Gwynn commemorative insert sets recently, which is not a bad thing.  It helps to celebrate an amazing career for a very loyal player.  Now, this batting title award will ensure that his legacy will be in the forefront of baseball fans’ minds for a long time.

Congratulations Rod and Tony!

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