Birthday Cards From A Different Year

Ever since I’ve found my way back into collecting, I’ve tried to treat myself to some sort of cardboard birthday present.  Sometimes it’s through boxes of cards, but the past couple years, I’ve gone on a single buying splurge on COMC.

This year, I don’t know if I’m going to buy anything.  I still collect of course (even if time for the blog has been sporadic at best), but I don’t want to buy a few boxes.  I have a lot of leftovers from boxes I bought and during the time work took over my life that I need to purge, and sadly little time to trade or sell them away – preferably trade in your favor.

I also don’t want to go all out hunting for singles.  It’s fun, but it can be tough to get a good stack through ebay (I did pick up a few randoms this year throughout the week), and COMC is getting pricier these days. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it too, but prices are trending up and it’ll be tougher to find things within my comfort zone. If I remember, I may write a separate post about it later.

So, for this year, I’ll mostly celebrate by looking at some random singles I nabbed from past b-day sprees.  I may do a few of these posts, just because I have so many from those bundles.



Mr. Gwynn leads us off with a solid liner into the outfield gap.  Most of Triple Threads is useless to me, but these set parallels are a-ok.  And cheap since high rollers don’t give a single flip for cards they can’t flip.


I’d be smiling, too

I’ve show the other 4 of these already, but I nabbed this for a couple quarters to complete the insert set.


Needs more dufex

This is the kind of COMC find that I thrive on.  The Prizm (read: refractor) parallel of an insert.  Since people don’t like non-logo’d cards, this kinda tough card can be mine for a pittance.


I usually buy at $1 or less

Win #158
June 27, 1996 – Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Multi-Cy Young winner was having a rough year (by his standards), but this day brought a 3 game win streak to up his record to 8-5.  His 5 strikeouts and 3 hits over scoreless 7 innings lowered his ERA to 2.83.  The Braves didn’t need much to notch the victory, but Fred McGriff drove in his 64th RBI of the season in the 3-0 final.


You can assume this was that price, too

Win #290
April 23, 2004 – Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets

The first win of the year on his quest to reach 300 came in his 4th start.  He’d had a terrible go in his first three outings and his one earned run over 7 innings reduced the early ERA to a staggering 6.35.  The Mets helped him out by whiffing on a lot of pitches and striking out 8 times.  Moises Alou and Todd Walker both homered to supply the three runs needed to top the Mets’ one (also on a home run).


Don’t have the 20K game card

Getting back to card descriptions, I picked up my first 2 Kerry Wood 20th Anniversary cards.  Don’t get too excited now.


Still better than Documentary

I expect most, if not all, pictures will be the same, but we’ll know more when I find the other 3 I’m still missing.



I think I know which team Kerry Wood is rooting for in the World Series….


Double Golden

I still have a tough time remembering that he was a member of the Yankees.  Thankfully there aren’t all that many cards that I need with him in this uniform.  Now, the number is one less.


I’ll never get tired of this picture

Kerry moved around a bit in 2010, but he did eventually make it back home.  I’m happy to have these parallels in my home as well.

Since I’m writing this in advance, I don’t know what the day will bring, but it’s a nice present to have the Cubs playing in the World Series on my birthday.

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