Calling All Card Detectives – A 5X7 Mystery

Okay, so as the title mentions, I need a little help.  I hope you’ll bear with me to the end (or at least skip there) to see if we can crack this case.  I’m not the most knowledgeable collector by any means, but I’m resourceful enough to find most cards that are tough to identify.

Anyway, this mystery comes from Kerry (aka Cards on Cards) in a package he sent me back in February.  But he didn’t just send a head-scratcher, he also sent a slew of other cards.  Let’s take a look while we get our thinking caps on.


I confuse this with 2013 a lot

The mystery here is how long will it take to find all the crazy parallels I need?


Shocked by the number of parallels

One down already!  Only 10 more to go.  Who’s got ’em?


A: 2006

What year of Bowman is this? Gotta check the backs because they all blur together


Big Hurt is not the big card in this set

Are other 1993 SP cards more difficult or potentially worth more just because of Jeter?  I hope not.


Cover within a cover

Will there ever be an actual position “Designated Masher?”


People like the Lucky 13s, right?

Will Fleer Ultra ever come back?  I hope so.


The real mystery

Okay, here it is.  The real unanswered question.  So gumshoes… I have it labeled as this: 1996 Collector’s Choice Jumbo 5×7 Silver Signature #90.
But…I had to create that row in my spreadsheet.  I couldn’t find this through google.  Couldn’t find it on baseballcardpedia.  Couldn’t find it in my SCD Catalog or Beckett.

I do know it’s 5×7.  I do know it shows the 1996 picture and that it’s a silver foil facsimile signature.  But I’m not 100% convinced or sure about where it came from or how it was distributed.  Was this a weird preview?  A box topper? Foreign release?  Was this from a future year showing historical cards as 5x7s?  Are there parallels of this (non silver sig or gold sig versions)?  It’s odd that a major company can put out a card from the height of collecting, but I can’t find anything about it.  I mostly want to make sure it’s A) labeled correctly and B) make sure I shouldn’t be adding other, similar cards to my want lists – like for other players I collect, for instance.

Can you solve the mystery?

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