2017 Cubs – The Fifth 10 Games

I might as well keep the series going, right?  I mean, it’s an excuse to show M&M cards after all.  I sporadically watch the games but as I mentioned, the Russell thing bothers me so I’m less invested again.  Anyway, they’ve played 40 more games after this batch.  We’ll worry about that later (at least they’re playing .500 ball, so few scans are needed).  For now, we have 4 more to add to the bank.

Back at it again

Strikeout #55
June 1, 1992 – San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs

The first strikeout of the month came in the second inning with the Cubs trailing 1-0.  The last batter of the frame was Dan Walters and he went down looking on three straight to retire the side without further damage done.

At one point I calculated the percentage of these I had

Strikeout #56
June 1, 1992 – San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs

The very next batter was opposing pitcher Andy Benes and he was able to run up a full count before swinging and missing to start the third.  The Padres would not score again after the first.

I don’t remember what it was and I’m too lazy to do it now

Strikeout #63
June 10, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

This card is for the first of this game as well.  In the first inning, Ozzie Smith came up and did nothing in the battle of future Hall of Famers. The Cubs took the lead against their rivals in the next half-inning and never looked back.

But overall I’m doing well, but still a long way to go

Strikeout #68
June 15, 1992 – St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs

In the top of the 4th, Maddux notched his third strikeout of the game.  A couple innings earlier, Greg singled in the Cubs first run.  Now he’s keeping the Cardinals scoreless by making Felix Jose’s bat miss the ball.

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