Kerry Wood By the Numbers

Work, vacation, work, sickness, and work have kept me away from the blog for awhile again.  I will never understand how many of you post so regularly.  I have quite a bit to talk about soon and series to continue, new ones to start, National cards to show off, and trade bait to post.  Oh, and Gint-A-Cuffs.  That will be up next.  For now, I’ll get back into things with a draft post that was ready to go during this whole time.  Enjoy.


In between card shows (which are very infrequent for me), I’ve been known to go on a COMC binge.  To make that effort worth while, I usually go for a large amount of cards and try to find cheap stuff that’s tough to find other places.

That’s usually where Kerry Wood comes in.  His star has fallen in the hobby for the most part, meaning that there’s a metric ton of cardboard out there that few people want.  That’s translated to lower prices on serial numbered cards like the ones you see here.  A great way to pad the collection without spending more than $1.25 per card (usually my limit for non-relics).

We need a Topps Potential set

As the Century label insinuates, this is #/100.  Adding Mark Prior to the mix was great in 2004 but not 10+ years later.  Take note, prospectors. I’m patient.

Not my favorite color variation – too vanilla

Paper Bowman is usually lumped in with other “garbage cards.” Most people only care about Chrome, and only the prospects, and only the Autos.  The rest of that is worthless to so many.  Thanks to them, I have this #/120 parallel.

To be fair, if he played for another team it might be easier

Some parallels are good to find on that site because I don’t know if I would notice them in person very easily.  This blue foil really follows Upper Decks subtlety mantra, and if the stamped number were on the back, I don’t know if I could tell.

That’s not what home plate looks like

2006 Finest went a little crazy with the parallels.  I mean 2017 levels of crazy.  This is the normal X-fractor #/250.

Missing the regular card, if you can believe it

You also have plenty of colors, like Green, which is mid-range rarity.  This is #/199 and I still need the blue and black for the solid color ones.


All of those colors come in slightly rarer X-fractor forms as well.  The solid blue is 299, but this is #/150.  For X, I’m missing just the Green #/50 as the others are too low numbered for me to care.

“This set has how many parallels?”

Being the face of a franchise is tough when dealing with sets like this.  Kerry Wood is paired up with Derrek Lee, Mark Prior and Greg Maddux.  And when they have A/B versions, it means I’m looking for 6 versions of each color combination.  Six! This is the bronze #/150 with Wood on the left.

Determined to pitch again

See, now he’s on the right in this Silver Bronze #/125 with Mark Prior.  It’s fun!  Isn’t this fun?!?!

Must.  Look. Un-injured.

And this silver red #/100 sucker gives me 7 of the 55 total needed for the 2006 set. A whopping 12.7%  For just this one player.  I’m pretty sure I’ll finish off Maddux Moments & Milestones before this.

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