Gint-A-Cuffs 9: Boxtopper and Packs 1-6

I’m back for another year of pack fighting.  Last year, I managed to grab second place.  It was a tough loss.  I found a nice book card in my box, but it was no match for a double rip card.  Them’s the breaks.  We’re not going to find another book card, but maybe we’ll be close to the top?

So, we have to pick the favorite player and favorite team again and I went with Rizzo and the Cubs just as last time.

Ready?  Fight!

Box Topper

Noah Syndergaard Box Loader (+4)

I like the different style of these.  They’re not just bigger base cards.  The Professor Plum border is snappy as well.  I don’t understand why Noah is pitching in a graveyard, but hey, maybe it’s a metaphor for the health of the Mets players?

Pack Total: +4


Giancarlo Stanton (+2 Favorite Player) – Starting off 50+ HR strong!
Robinson Cano – What A Day (+2 Insert)
Carlos Martinez (+3 Short Print Mini)

The scan lines are back once again, but this year’s theme is sloppy watercolor locket.  I actually dig it.  That oval frame is simple, but effectively different while still maintaining that late 1800s connection.  I scanned the SPs backwards because the scoring system wasn’t up yet and I wasn’t sure if they would be worth points.

I’m happy to grab a Frank Thomas in my pack as well.  One less I need now.

Pack Total: +7
Running Total: +11


Eiffel Tower – Worlds Fair (+2 Insert)
David Dahl (+2 A&G back mini)

The World’s Fair is such a great subject for this set.  I wish there still was a World’s Fair as it’s one of those few things that make me wish I was born in an earlier time.  But, at least I’ve been able to see, and go up, the real Eiffel Tower.  I understand that the Paris locks are also a card in this set?  If that’s true, I do want one of those (didn’t appear in either of my boxes) as my wife and I have one on a bridge railing.

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +15


Tyler Austin (-1 for being the wrong Yankees rookie)
Anthony Rizzo (+4 My Favorite Player Choice)
Eric Hosmer – What A Day! (+2 Insert)
Jim Presley – Rediscover Topps (+1 Buyback)
Hunting Guide Dude (+2 Dude mini)

There’s our boy!  And our first dude.  I’ll talk about those more later.  What I can say is that it’s nice that the buyback cards don’t take the place of another one.  Boy are they pointless, though.  I guess some people like them.  Topps likes the easy extra content, but it ain’t my thing.

Pack Total: +8
Running Total: +23


Javier Baez (+1 Favorite Team)
Dustin Pedroia (+5 Full Sized Relic)
Battle of Lexington (+2 Insert)

I haven’t been talking about my score but two strong packs in a row.  Here’s our first hit, a nice deep red jersey piece.  I’m honestly happier to have the Baez, but that’s only partly because I find the relic look to be a bit more boring, despite the ornate bottom.

Pack Total: +8
Running Total: +31


Albert Pujols – What A Day (+2 Insert)
Sidney Ponson – Rediscover Topps (+1 Buyback)
Dave Winfield – Red #04/25 (+7 Brooklyn Back mini)

Maddux!  Oh, and also a crazy Brooklyn red back mini of Padres great Dave Winfield.  There are much worse subjects to have found.  That is certainly a nice surprise.  And a good scoring one to boot.

Pack Total: +10
Running Total: +41


Babe Ruth (-1 For cursing the Red Sox)
Westinghouse Tower – World’s Fair (+2 Insert)
Joey Votto (+3 A&G Mini +2 Favorite Player list = +5)

That Votto is going in a trade stack for a certain cheesy blogger, unless I hear otherwise.  Besides that, there’s not much to comment on here.  So, we’ll end here with a pretty strong first quarter.

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +47

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  • Brett Alan

    They actually still have World’s Fairs, but not in North America. I actually briefly attended the last US World’s Fair in New Orleans in 1984. (My cousin brought me to NO, ostensibly for the fair, but other than a concert he wasn’t really interested in the fair.) The last North American one was Vancouver in ’86. Apparently one just ended in Kazakhstan, and the next one is Dubai 2020.

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