Back in Black

I know that yesterday I had a post announcing my annual return, but considering I actually think this could be for good… that probably warrants a second one.

Taking a look at my archives sidebar shows that over the past couple years, there have been long gaps between November and April with no posts, which makes sense in the context of my old job.  And there was that 18 month absence when things were really, really bad.  I don’t think I’ll be posting every day (never did), but hopefully a couple times a week and some new trade bait a couple times a month.  I’ve said that before, but that was me being optimistic with my old position.  Now I have a new position with different responsibilities that won’t have the same pressures forcing me to work nights and weekends.

Besides, I had a theme in mind, and that’s not a very common occurrence.  Had to take advantage of that.

You see, the title is “Back in Black” and all of these cards are going to be black parallels.  It’s this kind of super clever color-based blog posts that you’ve all been missing out on.

In future months, think of all the other colors that could be talked about.  Red. Green. Blue. Other.  So many colors….  So many.  Yellow.  Gold. Purple.  Another other.

Pitching into the void

After adding this Wal-Mart parallel, I’m down to needing only 14 more cards from 2011.  That’s a weird thing to brag about, I guess.  Maybe pretty soon, I’ll be able to complete a whole year.

Need 12 more 2017 Strops

When you get rid of borders, but still want to have parallels, you gotta do something.  This isn’t a bad solution.  Pedro is pumped about it.

Need 25 more, including 2 autographs

I’ve scanned some cards while they were still in a toploader, and it really has an adverse affect on the colors.  And it adds a bunch of fun dust specs.

Too many too count

Some people don’t like the league leaders being put on separate cards instead of the top 3 on one.  I’m okay with it.

Yup, need to get the rainbow for 2 LLs and the normal one

There’s less competition for cards like this from other player collectors, and a lot of people care less about the subsets so it’s easy to get them for $1 +s/h.

Robot bee border

I picked this card up at this past year’s national convention, although I shouldn’t have.  Blinded by the price, and sort of hidden by the toploader, I didn’t see that the corner is bent.  It’s not creased, but definitely and significantly curved.  So, someday I hope to upgrade, but it’s still nice to have a low numbered Rizzo in the collection.

From 2014 Finest, I only need 4 more Heywards

Yeah, these count as the black refractor parallels.  2014 Finest was terrible about this.  So many colors along the border, but you have to analyze the background and/or rely on matching the serial numbering to know what you have.

Only need 14 more 2015 Tribute Solers including 9 autos

Another National pickup.  It was a good show for Soler finds.  I know the black is tough to see, but it’s in there.

Need 5 more cards and autos from this set.

Lastly, how about an autograph? There’s no mistaking the parallel here.  I guess I could have used this for any future red post.  Those are some bright swatches.  If I luck out and find another version, maybe it will show up there.  After all, I’m heading out of the darkness and the future is colorful.

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