November 2017 Ebay Wins

November was a pretty slow month.  Maybe the sellers were putting less up on the auction block as they prepared for the holidays, or maybe they were pricing things too high to maximize their dollars to pay for the holidays.  Whatever the case, it was a light inbound season for me with only 5 new cards.  This should go fast, which is good because I need to get caught up on these months.

I did not pay ebay 1/1 pricing

Starting off strong with a power hitter.  Black may be slimming, but this still shows him before he lost weight in the off-season.

Walk, K, or HR

Back to back blacks.  This one has a higher print run, but more general appeal.  Still, you know me, and I only pay bare minimum for my auction wins unless it’s a really special card.

Topps Splatter

Moving up the print run ladder, but sticking with Schwarber.  I think his injury really hurt his stock.  Also being not so great when he came back.  He can still get some power out there.  Not enough to keep his prices high, thankfully.

Topps Vortex (could be a cool set, actually)

Baez is a bit of a surprise and a gamble.  Sometimes his stuff goes for a lot more than I would expect, and other times, no one else bids.  If it shows up here, it means no one else bid.

Three Stars

Lastly, I have the last 2007 Topps Triple Thread auto I needed for Carlos Marmol – although not the last one I will post on the blog – the emerald #/50!  It took a while for me to obtain any of them from this year (the 2008s were easy), but then they slowly trickled into my saved search results.  It’s exciting to be so close to having all of the Marmol autographs I need and I actually thought this one would be the last one I’d find.  Now I think it’ll be the Stadium Club Beam Team auto #/50.  We’ll see what ebay brings in the future.

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