May 2018 Ebay Wins

After the massive month that was April, I had to take things a little easier.  Aside from ebay, I also went on a huge tax money fueled binge on COMC and used a portion of my Sportlots credit I’ve built up over several years to buy stuff.  So, a lot of time also was spent logging stuff (but not yet put into binders).  Still, love of collecting always finds a way, and it’s been months since I’ve gone empty handed.

I need two more for Hendricks

I mean, there’s still some Topps Bunt cards I need, so that tends to make things a bit easier.  Maybe I should add the 2016 Bunts to my watched list too.

Somehow I have three of these already

One card was it for the new guys. But I found a few more things to round out the month, like this Class 2 Blue.  I wonder when, if ever, I’ll finish a year of this stuff.

I can’t search for Precious Metals if its empty

My memory is terrible, so I don’t recall how I found these. Maybe it was a random search for the tins out of curiosity (I’ve always wanted to open some).  Either way, I found this empty one to add to my collection.

Need another one for the Gwynn collection

The same seller had this one too.  Only 5 cards per tin is rough.  This is the same year, but a different look, and there are parallels for the tins too.  Should be a fun hunt.


Don’t expect this to become a habit, but I am making an effort to go after more autographs.  I’m surprised that I got this for the price that I did.  I fully expected to be outbid, because these don’t come up for auction very often and I know how popular this product is.

However, I will spoil things a bit for next month and say that it does also feature an autograph, a dual, and it’s a doozy!

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