2018 Cubs – Eleventh Ten Games

My little vacation, paired with the Gint-A-Cuffs posts, have put me a little farther behind on this adventure.  By the time this goes up, The Cubs will have played 140 games or so.  That’s three more of these posts.  With each passing day, the series inches away from me.  I’m bound and determined to get keep this thing pretty current, so let’s play some ball and celebrate 6 more wins.

The Prizm Prizm

Win #59 – Lester – 6.0 innings, 7 Ks, 1 Earned Run (it came at the top of the 7th and then he was pulled), 4 total hits, no walks and would up with a no decision.

Coghlan for Bote still

Win #60 – David Bote – Making his second appearance in this series.  2-4 (he’s been hitting .326 in his various small stints with the team thus far), including a 2-Run homer in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game. Rizzo followed with the walk-off, but Bote made it happen first.

Quietly having the best year of his career potentially

Win #61 – Zobrist – 4-5, but only 1 RBI on a solo HR in the first to start the scoring.  He also had a double.

Only makes sense to sub in Hammel for Hamels

Win #62 – Cole Hamels – The big pitching acquisition went 5 innings in his Cubs debut.  It was a good one.  1 unearned run, 9 Ks, 2 walks, a pick off of Marte at first, and he got a single of his own in a blowout game that saw him hold a bat for the Cubs before he held a ball.

I might run out of Baez cards if he keeps this up

Win #63 – Baez – 2-3 on the day. His solo HR started the scoring, and he also managed a triple and a walk.  Bote had a couple of key plays in the game, so it was a close decision.

Just needs to reduce the strikeouts some

Win #64 – Schwarber – 2-3.  His solo HR started the scoring (a theme in this stretch of ten), and he also had a double on a very close play.

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