Thoughts on Upper Deck CEO Richard McWilliam’s death

Today, the industry lost a major player and a highly influential force when Upper Deck Co-Founder and CEO Richard McWilliam died suddenly. Here’s the story from Beckett for any interested in learning more.

My thoughts upon hearing the news were conflicted. Of course I feel for the families and co-workers affected, and I’ll touch on […]

My Thoughts On The Recent Jersey Relic Scandal

Recently, a memorabilia dealer was arrested for mail fraud charges associated with the sales altered sports jerseys. Apparently, this dealer was buying regular consumer-market jerseys and altering them to make them look “game-used.” He then, according to his own confession after arrest, sold those fake “game-used” jerseys to all three major card companies of the […]

2012 Baseball Card Preview

Last year (miraculously before 2011), I mustered up the wherewithal to post a 2011 Baseball Card Preview. It immediately became the most popular post we ever done posted (at that time and still today) and I was a little confused. Surely, there are several more comprehensive sites to learn about new baseball card products. But, […]

Thoughts on the 2012 Topps Baseball SSP Announcement: There Has To Be A Better Way

I know what you’re thinking. This of all things brought me out of semi-retirement? Well, yes and no.

Andy has been holding down the fort for a while, and he may have to for a little while longer. I haven’t posted in a ridiculously long time for several reasons. I’ll get into that in another […]

Panini Announces MLBPA License…And I’m A Little Worried

I’ve found that I don’t typically share the same opinions about the hobby as a lot of the bloggers and twitterers out there.

While several of you out there like to claim every quality control issue is a product of the Topps monopoly, I see it as a simple quality control issue. Was every production […]

Breaking News: Topps MLB Sticker Album is Live!

I was in Target tonight looking for some stuff. At the checkout aisle, I peeked over the counter hoping to see some NBA stickers, since I still need a boat-ton of those things, and instead I saw this.

If you stick it, they will come

Yeah, buddy! I was really excited about the […]

Don’t Vote For Me (aka Indecision 2011)

By now most of you have heard about Topps’ latest fan interactive effort. They are conducting a poll on their facebook page to determine the three next die-cut cards to be put up as prizes in the Diamond Giveaway promotion.

From the title, you may think that this is just going to be an extension […]

The Sporting Event of the Year

You’ve waited.

And waited.

And even waited some more. Tomorrow night, you will have to wait no longer.

The 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee starts at 8:30/7:30CST on ESPN.

It’s an event that must not be missed each year. And I’m inviting all of you to come watch it with me on twitter.

Follow us […]

2011 Baseball Card Preview, Series 2

Well, we’re almost halfway through the year now and that means it’s time for an update to my last preview post that made some hilariously off-base comments about how Gypsy Queen wouldn’t be a hit. Now, in my defense, Gypsy Queen is partially a hit because of the perceived short-printing of the whole run and […]