Maddux Overload – 1999 Edition


The Denver Broncos repeat as NFL champions, taking out the Atlanta Falcons.

The San Antonio Spurs take advantage of a Jordan-less NBA and deny the New York Knicks a championship. On the WNBA side, the Houston Comets continue to dominate with their third straight title (also over New York).

Michael Johnson set a new […]

Work I Actually Enjoy

How well I’m doing my job is based on one metric above all else: time. To stay “current” I have to keep the workflow within two weeks of today’s date. Everything else should fall into place from there. If I get the work processed in a timely manner, the cycle continues, and money comes through […]

Player Collection Progress Report

I just realized that it’s been right around 6 months since I officially started collecting specific players instead of sets. I’m also just over a year back into the hobby. Looking back and comparing the two 6-month periods, there’s no doubt the second half was much more fulfilling and exciting as a collector.

Before, I […]