2017 NSCC #6 – Sample Size Swatches

At the show, I expanded my budget a little bit. I put a little cash aside each month just for this show, which was thankfully easier due to paying off my car and credit cards a while back. That allowed me to spend more time in boxes that weren’t $1 or less, and expand my […]

2003 Leaf Baseball Box Review

If any of you missed our video yesterday, or just didn’t feel like watching the thing, I’m here with a good old fashioned text & picture review of the 2003 Leaf Baseball Hobby box we opened for our giveaway. I think we had a pretty good box and hopefully everyone will be happy with their […]

2003 Leaf Community Box Break Video

Hey guys! As Jon mentioned a couple nights ago, we opened our box of 2003 Leaf baseball we purchased with the winnings from a Panini review box. If you’re new to the blog or to the story of this box, I’ll quickly recap in bullet point form.

We opened a high end hockey box from […]

Absolutely Free 2003 Leaf Baseball Box Group Break

Yes, that’s right. We’re going to give away the contents of an entire box of 2003 Leaf Baseball cards for free.

240 cards worth o' puddin! Awww, yeah!

A long, long time ago Panini was sending us free boxes of cards to review. One of those boxes was our favorite of the bunch was […]