Documenting an Angel of a Trade – Part 2

I’m very, very close to being able to post trade bait again. I just need to update my want lists after a couple recent purchases and then I should be all set. No more trips coming up that I know of. No work crap slowing me down or taking away my nights and weekends. It’ll […]

All I Need Is To Remember The Full Trade

All that talk…

All that talk yesterday about taking my blogging seriously and I committed an error. Well, if you go back and proof-read it, I’m sure you’ll find several, but that’s not what what I’m talking about.

It’s an error that could easily go unnoticed by everyone else in the world but me. I […]

Diversify Your Portfolio

Others may disagree, but I consider myself an optimist.

I try to find the best slant in every situation, but let’s face it. The Cubs are already out of it this year. They certainly had a chance entering the season thanks to a piss-poor Central Division and if they came out strong from the jump, […]