2010 Topps Magic Want List

Magic, magic, magic. There’s been more Magic talk on this blog lately than on a Doug Henning Memorial site (albeit with far inferior mustaches here), but I have one more post about this glorious product. The collation in our case was nothing short of remarkable when considering it came from the Topps factories. We’re very […]

2010 Topps Magic Review and Case Breakdown

As we alluded to in our sweet video break of 2010 Topps Magic Football, we’ve got a full breakdown of our case comin’ at ya. So watch this magic unfurlin’ like Merlin! But first, prepare yourself…

Okay, now that your mind is sufficiently blown, preparedto have it… GUMMED! Full photo action can […]

2010 Topps Magic Football SP List

As a public service to you and yours this NFL Playoff season, we here at Community Gum present to you the 2010 Topps Magic Football SP list. As of yet, Topps has not released this list formally, but based on our case, here is the complete 48 card list of short prints. Full review and […]

2010 Topps Magic Box Break Video

It’s the end of the year, and that means it’s time for some Magic… Topps-style! Jon and I busted this box (and the other 11 boxes in the case) last night and now you can look at this new set with us! Enjoy!

We’ll have want lists, case breakdowns and reviews up very soon- […]