Another Non-National Card Show Post

I went to a new sort of local card show back in May. Well, it’s not a new show. It’s new to me. Located in Orland Park, this has been going on every month for some time. I’ve thought about making the trek out, but couldn’t convince myself to drive that far for an unknown.


National Sports Card Convention Recap Intro

I saved for several months to prepare for my trip to the National Sports Card Convention.

I finally went, and it was fantastic. You’ve all seen pictures of the show floor before. It’s huge and magnificent and overwhelming and intimidating and a magical wonderland of cardboard rainbows. There are parts that I outright ignored (*cough* […]

National Sports Card Convention Goals

I’ve been to many a card show in my youth, and a small spattering in my adult hood, but never in my 6 years back into the collecting fold have I been to the National Sports Card Convention.

It’s a shame, because it’s held in Chicago (where I live, for those that don’t know) every […]

Deconstruction of a Card

While going back through some of the cards we’ve accumulated thus far, I came across the Andruw Jones 2000 Bowman’s Best we got as part of that quarter bundle at the card show.

I noticed that the protective coating on the sides was starting to peel off. It’s kind of tough to see in the […]

Post-Show Post: The Goods

Well, we made it down to Joliet and back in one piece. Actually, two since there are two of us.

It was a mall show, and as Andy said, our first in at least a decade if not closer to 15 years, so we weren’t really sure what to expect. You saw the specs Andy […]

Pre-Show Prep

Today, Jon an I are off to the first card show we’ve been to in something like 15 years. We’re heading to the Louis Joliet Mall to check out what’s supposed to be a 50 table show. I have very fond memories of going to shows as a kid. From 1989-1993, I spent one Sunday […]