Last Ditch Effort to Fill Lineage Case Break – Discount Prices

I know this blog has turned into pitch fest. We’ll find a good balance eventually.

Anyway, if people are interested in teams in our 2011 Lineage Case Break coming up Wednesday night, you might want to check out our Ebay Auctions, ending early morning. Discounted prices for team lots. If you missed the auction but […]

The Art of Auto Card Deception: An eBay Hate Story

Have you been on eBay lately?It’s amazing! People post cards for sale all the time! I’ve had lots of really good experiences on eBay, including getting lots of autograped cards of my favorite sportsmen. You should try it!

What’s that, you say? eBay is full of swindlers and scammers? Pshaw! Why, just last night I […]

A Couple Things You Might Like to Know…And Two Videos

So, in all of the Kobe heart-pounding excitement, I forgot to tell all of you that we finally got around to posting that Crown Royale Triple Patch card on ebay as well. Unfortunately the market has dropped out some for this card, but hopefully we can get a nice little playoff rally going and get […]

The Second Best Card I Ever Pulled

…is currently up for auction on Ebay.

The year: 1997. My collecting days were beginning to wind down. I was 16 or 17 years old, and the work force’s call had to be answered. Normally, you would think that money from a job would mean more money for cards, but alas this was not to […]

Jon’s Christmas Haul

I hope everyone out there and a great, safe, action-packed, cardboard-packed, relic-packed, on-card auto-packed, pack-packed holiday season!

The presents are all unwrapped and the candy cane high is finally starting to wind down, so I think it’s about time that I showed off the goods that were waiting for me under the tree. Since this […]

What Part of the Jersey Is This?

Take a look at this bad boy I won on ebay not too long ago.

Not just your ordinary gray swatch

I was going through my typical ebay searches, when I saw this Marmol relic up for auction. The oddity of it (I’ll call it a “tag” for simplicity sake) caught my eye […]

Ebay Is My National…Sigh.

It took a few months to get everything formatted and updated the way I wanted it (sorta), but my Player Collection Lists (aka PCLs, btw) are live! You can view them all through the google doc links below, or on the buy/sell/trade page (my section is at the bottom). Viewing below is quicker this time […]

Some People Will Buy ANYTHING!

We’ve opened our share of the case split with Beardy and we’re still working on our Gint-A-Cuffs scoring to figure out which is the best box. But in the interim, I did a little searching on ebay to see how much some of this stuff is selling for.

Most of it is right online with […]

The Great, Cheap Ebay Lot Pt. 1

I think I just struck Gold. Not Topps Gold, but better. Even better than Topps Black Gold!

About two weeks ago, I won a big lot on ebay. Here’s the picture and description:

That's a lot of Pro Set in there…I'm in!

“You are bidding on a large collection of football and baseball […]