The Beauty of the NL Captured on Carboard

I’ve heard some talk this year about the DH rule coming over the National League in the near future. Of course, I’ve also heard some talk that the American League may abolish the DH rule in the near future.

Whether or not the AL decides to let pitchers bat makes no nevermind to me, really. […]

1999 Upper Deck Ionix Review

I’ve delayed it enough. It’s time to get a little in-depth with the Community Break boxes. No more wasting time. I’m just going to get right into it. Run through it real quick. So, here’s my review without further delay. Get your coffee and grab a seat. There will be no commercial breaks. Time to […]

Trading with Reader Steve

Not too long ago, Reader Steve emailed me offering up some extra Maddux cards he had laying around. After probably the quickest agreement I can imagine making, his package to me was on the way. I had to raid my parents’ basement to put his together, so even though I got his mail over a […]

It’s Official – I’m Collecting Players!

A few posts ago, I asked for your feedback and guidance as to whom I should collect. At heart, I’ve always been a player collector. I’m trying my hands now at being a set collector, but SPs sure ain’t making that transition the smoothest it could be. I had been out of the card game […]