2010 Topps Retail Breakdown

After busting a handful of Topps in all forms to scratch the old wax itch, I decided to compile a little data to give myself the best idea of what to expect from the different retail configurations. So we grabbed a couple of each and did a little breakdown:

4 – Target exclusive single 12 […]

2010 Upper Deck Series 1 Pack Break

What can I say? I was buying some licensed cards (I’ll let you guess which ones), and these little trouble makers were just staring me in the face.

How could I NOT look for 2010 star rookie cards. Shiny, logo-hiding profile Jeter says I must. I’ll go through these quickly because they really don’t […]

Andy’s early take on 2010 Topps (with blaster break and images!)

So I’m seeing the early results of this year’s Topps breaks and, like most people, I have mixed feelings. The last time I bought a pack of Topps, it was like 1996 or 1997 and they had these ridiculous inserts of some guy’s Etch-A-Sketch drawings. That’s when I realized that the insert craze (which had […]